Thursday, 29 January 2015

Fans Beyond Borders

A few years ago, we asked the popular Sridevi Facebook fan page, where the 'likes' came from - and we got a wide range of responses. The reach of Bollywood and Sridevi's appeal seemingly goes beyond borders, language no bar, race no bar, gender no bar....

We asked the moderators and found that the top ten visits come from and they sent us this list:

United States of America
Sri Lanka
United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates

In addition, we've also seen popular Russian and Japanese sites dedicated to Sridevi online.

With the release and popularity of English Vinglish in its original and dubbed incarnation, again, Sridevi's worldwide appeal grows by leaps and bounds.

Recently, however, we were pleasantly surprised to see that Sri's reach made it into the arteries of Iraq! From Daily Mail, we saw these  images of the dying tribe of Yazidi people... A house with a large painting of Sridevi lighting a lamp is mesermising as it is haunting. Wonder if Sridevi herself realises she inspires art and artists around the world, leaving her imprint on the imaginations of so-many...?

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