Thursday, 21 May 2015

Rakesh Shreshta and Sridevi

Sridevi from 1984 - 1994 by Rakesh Shreshta Click to enlarge!
Was reading a passage (below) and thought of the incredible symbiotic relationship between famed Bollywood photographer Rakesh Shreshta and his oft muse; actress Sridevi. They have collaborated on so many magazine shoots together over a period of a decade, that we've lost count - however - we have archived most here!

This quote, attributed to a Hollywood star, seems so apt for the Bollywood superstar, Sri:

 "Film stars are those unlikely beings who seem more alive, not less, when images are made of them; who unfurl and reach toward the light, instead of seizing up, when confronted by a camera; and who, by some miracle or trick, become enriched versions of themselves, even as they ramify into other selves on cue. Clarence Sinclair Bull, the great stills photographer at M-G-M, said of Greta Garbo that “she seems to feel the emotion for each pose as part of her personality.” From the late nineteen-twenties, he held a near-monopoly on pictures of Garbo, so uncanny was their rapport. “All I did was to light the face and wait. And watch,” he said." 

-- New Yorker

All these pics shot by Rakesh Shreshta between 1984 and 1994! Be it concept, styling, lighting, mood, studio, location shoot... every shot is a gem.

And the man himself:


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