Monday, 1 June 2015

Oh Charlie!

Sridevi perfected the Charlie Chaplin act in Bollywood back in 1987, in the caper Mr India.

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    MY most enjoyable moments on a film set ever. Filming the Charlie Chaplin sequence with the amazing
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Rare pic of Sridevi on the set of Mr India - pre moustache for the Charlie Chaplin scene!

Others have gone on to imitate the look... and well.... No further comment!

Apart from Vidya Balan, Karishma Kapoor (shot by Jagdish Mali in below pic) tried the same for Filmfare cover in the '90s. Seems every decade an actress of her time will try this gender-bender look for comic effect and/or visual surprise.

When actresses are told they are getting repetitive, perhaps magazine editors should be too... ;0)

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