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Kalpana Iyer talks about Laadli Sridevi!

Former Miss India, the beauteous actress Kalpana Iyer appeared in several Hindi films throughout the 1980s and '90s. Remembered often and fondly for her disco song-and-dance routines that were all the rage in that glistering decade, Iyer's rambunctious moves are still on play for the MTV generation. Albeit in remixes and other techno-avataars on the radio and on television.

Having acted with Sridevi in several films (Waqt Ki Awaaz, Aasman Se Gira, Laadla etc) and worked with her on stage-shows around the world, Iyer's seen Sridevi's transformative act in person. She describes Sri as a shy and reticent girl off-screen, complete diva on screen. This is all-too clear in their last collaboration, where Ms Iyer and Sri have a face-off in one memorable scene in Laadla.

Laadla (1994)
Hats off to Iyer for making a mark in a long shot, where she has a lengthy near-monolgue as she has a battle of word and wit with thespians Farida Jalaal, Anil Kapoor and a bridal Sridevi.

During a serendipitous e-chat, the former actress and now restauranteur, recollects fondly:

Sridevi in Laadla as CEO Sheetal Jetley
Kalpana Iyer, "I have worked with Sridevi in films and also traveled and done stage shows (when we toured the US years ago) with her. For starters, she never spoke much those days -  it was always work. Any talking came from her mother and sister. The transformation from real to reel is nothing short of stunning! She delivered and never EVER interfered in anything. Totally professional, absolutely committed to her craft. A star at all times in real life, but very simple at home - she totally followed what her family said or did or asked of her."

Though the two haven't met since that one-day shoot back in 1994 on a film set, Iyer hasn't met the now mother of tow. "Well, that was the Sridevi I knew. But then like so many others, she too has changed and how!  I'm happy because now she is totally groomed at all times! Slim trim fit! Still a diva! A beautiful charming mother of two beautiful girls and what an actress! Even now! She is a revelation in so many ways."

When asked to comment further, Iyer simply says, "God bless her, I can't say anymore because I have not met or worked with her in ages, but am told by all she is an absolute pro at her job even now! That's good news as I am extremely fond of her."

Many thanks to Ms Iyer. And indeed memories are precious.

UPDATE: Kalpana Iyer: Thanx a ton Rama for d pics and for d compliment it is one of my fav films like u said I had this one scene (guest app) but d reason I did it were ...The producer Nitin Panchamia was/is a friend and I had /have a lot of respect for d Director Raj Kanwar (RIP) and of course d Starcast and d amazing lines and I loved d way the scene was done and I enjoyed it because it is so not me at all but then I had so much fun Shooting for it was done in a day and one shift only well Thanx anyway Memories R Precious

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