Sunday, 6 September 2015

Christian Louboutin: Sridevi is Magnificent

Christian Louboutin, shoe designer 

I've known about Sridevi since I was a teenager, which is exactly when Sridevi herself was a teenager on-screen. The main differences between us, well, firstly she was a girl, but she was also a great beauty and a child star—the Shirley Temple of India—and in my keen French eyes, a colourful icon with complicated hair. Her looks at the time were numerous, but I was most impressed by the mix of gravity and strength behind those humongous Bambi eyes.

It is only recently that we met [for a shoot], and when she first walked into the studio we were to work in, her entry was that of a queen; Nefertiti, Cleopatra or Elizabeth Taylor. She entered the room with such magnificence, surrounded by brushes, mirrors, assistants, all dedicated to her—the entourage formed a halo around her magnetic presence. I was enchanted.

She carries all of what Bollywood stars wish to project—beauty, extravagance, mystery, femininity and power. She is magnificent, living proof that elegance is not a foolish statement, and can run vividly in the veins of a natural-born screen goddess.

Excerpted from the cover story of the August 2013 issue of Vogue India.

Update: Images of above from event held circa Oct 13, 2014. The fashion update from High Heel Confidential; "Sridevi was spotted exiting a Vogue event looking spectacular in an Hermès top that she wore with a skirt by The Circus by Sana & Sulakshana and snake-skin pumps. Coordinating with the colors of the printed top, she added emerald earrings and a red Chanel clutch to the look."

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