Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Manish Malhotra & Sridevi: Mutual Admiration Inc

Sridevi has done some incredible shoots for top-tier magazines but we have yet to see a better one than the one she did for Hi! Blitz (2015).

In the wake of the release of the most incredible images, designer Manish Malhotra and the actress tweeted some e-love for each other along with these accompanying pics. Too cute for words - here are the pics and what Manish says about Sri in the magazine.

"When I met her, she was my favourite actress, already a huge star and I had loved her look in Chandni. She was always changing and evolving her style. She's quiet, she knows her craft, and I have tremendous respect for her. She carries a sari with such elan and style and also carries a gown with equal dignity and elegance, so I think if there's one word for Sridevi's style, it's 'elegance',", Manish Malhotra.

Sep 14
With my favourite designer
A special moment with the very special in the sept issue of HI BLITZ pic by

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