Monday, 4 July 2016

The Myth of Sridevi's name!

As many Sridevi fans know, the biggest goof online is Sridevi's name. She was NOT born "Sridevi Amma Iyenger". She was born Sreedevi Aiyappan. Pre marriage, she used to sign/autograph simply as A. Sreedevi (surname initial first, name as suffix). Post marriage, she signs it as Sreedevi Kapoor. There is no greater mystery to her name, but how the factual error has gone viral when even news sites report this as fact is simply erroneous at best, ludicrous at most! ‪

#‎ARoseByAnyOtherName‬ ‪#‎GetItRight‬ ‪#‎WhatsInaName‬ ‪#‎MononymousSridevi‬ ‪#‎JustCaustItsOnlineDoesntMakeItTrue‬!

Pre-marriage Sridevi autograph

Post marriage Sridevi autograph!

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