Monday, 15 August 2016

Cast of Judaai: Urmila, Anil Kapoor and Sridevi (1997)

From the sets of Judaai, as the cast worked on the song Pyar Pyar Karte, Karte, they strike a pose for the stills.

The tides have changed so much since these photos were taken. Urmila in the wake of Rangeela's (and the mother of all metamorphosis!) stupendous success was the brightest shining star on the horizon, while Sridevi's glory at the box-office had dimmed since her Chandni days. It seemed like Urmila  take the mantle of Queen of Bollywood, as Sridevi opted for happy motherhood and marriage...

Fast forward to today, Urmila's all but disappeared from the scene, Sridevi's a bonafide legend, and even after a near 15-year hiatus, there lies tremendous interest and speculation on the diva. Urmila, after a series of flops (and some fine but unnoticed performances) is nowhere to be scene.

How fickle lady luck, public interest and fame is.

Unless you're Sridevi.

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