Sunday, 7 August 2016

Sridevi shoots for MOVIE magazine

Despite the editors' preference for la Dixit, Sridevi appeared in several covers for MOVIE magazine and she did great shoots and interviews for the best-selling magazine. MOVIE magazine under the guidance of Dinesh Raheja was taking film journalism away from tabloid sensationalism (Stardust in the 80s was disposable fun) with strong visuals, novel ideas, great interviews that even stars looked forward to. They also didn't shy away from asking the tough question - be it calling out Madhuri Dixit for her smug shots, if Sridevi was repeating herself repeatedly (!), if Shah Rukh Khan was making self-indulgent movies (his interviews now read like an analyst and patient as heady stardom hit Khan rather quickly)...etc etc.

Here are defiant portraits of Sridevi as her position as the No:1 Actress of India was being questioned. Box-office be damned she continued to look stunning, act well and gave firey performances on-screen, if not firey interviews off-screen.

Here an archive of all of Sridevi's interviews, features, shoots for MOVIE magazine.

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