Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Sunjay Dutt and Sridevi in Gumraah

Looking at this snapshot of Sridevi from her film Gumraah... it sort of astounds me - and many other Sridevi fans - that so many of her stunning performances have been unrecognised by the awards committees. Its like the Meryl Streep or Shabana Azmi syndrome; highly respected actresses who deliver such consistently good performances, their benchmark is higher than normal. Every year they are nominated, but they rarely win awards. So when Sri's good in a film, its almost expected, it's the 'Well, of course she's great - she's Sridevi for goodness sake. Even in her worst films, her performances are good." Hence, so many nominations but fewer wins. Which brings me to... have yet another inkling that Sridevi will be left award-free for her stunning, stellar, faultless performance in Mom. Of course she'll be nominated - but the younger, sponsor-brand-friendly leading lady is going to walk away with the trophy. Be it New York Times or Indian legends themselves, no one takes award ceremonies seriously (Aamir Khan - leading the pack for good reason).


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