Thursday, 8 March 2018

Ekta Kapoor remembers Sridevi on Women's Day

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Women’s day is every day! But today, I’ll remember a woman who gave me a childhood joy like no other. I lost touch with her when I grew up but the fat child in me had a silent approval of India’s first female superstar.

My mom will always be my biggest hero but this women’s day is for that hero who first showed me "Strong women support women"( even if she is much younger) #ripsridevi #ladysuperstar #WomensDay


  1. Yes sri ji did all types of women characters. Sadma child woman, ladla proud and selfrespect,mr.india brave but innocent journalist! Chandini pure premika, aadmi aur apsara devkanya,chaalbazz ferotious and abalanari, sherni nuxlite, naagin naagin, lamhe transaged lover, englishvinglish pure and selfrespected mother, mom a good mother, tofha acchi behan,guru lady don, gumraah khaidi and popsinger,aakhariporatam(telugu) cid officer,puli witch, bobbilipuli( telugu) lawer, mosagadu(telugu) prostitute, yashodakrishna(telugu) lord krishna, balabharatham(telugu) dusshala, solwasavan lovefailure and realised woman, murugan, lord lakshmi, sithadevi, etc. Sri a women'day per aapko yaad karke a women' day ko hum bhurpur kiyen hai. Sridevi lives on in our hearts.( if any wrong in my words please excuse because i am telugu man)

  2. Amazing!! Very well described Ekta.