Thursday, 19 July 2018

Salman Khan and Sridevi

Salman Khan and Sridevi. Click to enlarge

Oyve. This film tested even the most hardcore Sridevi fan. Be it Chand Ka Tukda or Chandramukhi, both ventures of Sridevi with Salman Khan, were tiresome and... quite frankly, God-awful. BUT, such is the world, there are in fact fans of these movies.We found 'em in Russia - maybe there's something there in the translation. And we noted that children of the 90s loved Chandramukhi. Go figure.

Have to say, the two looked gorgeous together and, at the time, there was a brouhaha about the age-gap between the two. As Sridevi said, "I'm not all that ancient". Fact is Salman Khan was ONLY 2 years younger than Sri.

Released in the summer of '94, (19 August 1994 to be exact), this was a wash-out from the get-go. Even Sri knew this wouldn't work and didn't turn up for the premiere.

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