Monday, 6 August 2018

On the sets of Ram Avtaar, Sridevi

Sridevi on the sets of Ram Avtaar (1988). The unofficial remake of Sangam (1964), this movie came 24 years after the classic, but failed to recreate the music or the magic of the original. Sridevi looked lovely and her song 'Ungli main anghooti' was the biggest hit of the year, sung by the divine Lata Mangeshkar. Despite valiant efforts by the cast, Sunny Deol, Sridevi and in particular the ever-earnest Anil Kapoor, the movie was a damp squib at the box-office. Sridevi was at her heaviest during this film - and the critics took note. Sridevi took note of the critics. She came back with a bang, slim and trim the following year with back to back super hits and she was super fit in Chaalbaaz and Chandni in 1989.

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