Monday, 15 August 2011

Karma 25 Years Later

It has been 25 years since the release of the mega-hit Karma. celebrates the film by a behind the scenes reflection. See the video here.

Our concern and focal point pops up at the 12.30 mark, as they talk about Sridevi:


Subash Ghai, "I was working with Sridevi for the first time. She was the top star at that time."

Taran Adharsh, "Every filmmaker had this wish that at one time, I want to work once with Sridevi. Subash Ghai as a filmmaker wanted to work with Sridevi because Sridevi was dynamic on screen."

Anil Kapoor, "She was very quiet, very introverted. Subash Ghai used to wonder, how would I... because no one knew how to communicate with her?"

Jackie Shroff, Sridevi, Subash Ghai, Naseeruddin Shah and Anil Kapoor

Subash Ghai, "She was a personality with two different persons in her, in front of camera, and off the camera. The moment there was a cut, she'd become normal, the moment the camera's on, she's different. I was amazed and I was surprised during Karma how Sridevi as a person can switch off and switch on as an actress in front of the camera. And with such a wide range."

Sridevi and Jackie Shroff
Sridevi on the sets of Karma. Click to enlarge

Sridevi and Jackie Shrott - click to enlarge

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