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Sridevi quotes from Cine Blitz in 1984

Sridevi in Himmatwala

Cine Blitz : Directors are annoyed with you because you now ignore the very people who made you. Also, you refused to wear bikinis for their films and wear them in every other Hindi film? 

Sridevi: Yes, I'm aware that certain Telugu directors are upset with me because I couldn't do their films. But why should they grudge my success in Hindi films? I'm so heavily booked right now, I couldn't even give dates for a prize Hindi assignment. So how can I accommodate a Telugu film? There are only certain people like A. Nageswara Rao, for whom I would willingly make special adjustments. 

The other charge is also true. Though I was always considered a glamorous actress, I did refuse to wear bikinis in Telugu films. I wasn't sure how my fans would react to it. But in Hindi films it's different. I wore a swim-suit in my very second film, Himmatwala, so I didn't see any harm in wearing them for subsequent films. Here, every actress reveals. But top actresses in Telugu films don't wear revealing clothes. 

Q: Dasari Narayana Rao levelled this bikini charge. He doesn't seem to like you very much. 
Sridevi: Ok Yes, he's more fond of Jaya Sudha. Dasari and I have worked in hit films like Bobbili Puli and Premabhishekam, but it's a fact that Jaya Sudha is his favourite. Most directors have their favourites. K. Vishwanath, with whom I worked in Jaag Utha Insaan prefers newcomers, but among the stars, he favours Jaya Prada. Likewise, K. Raghavendra Rao prefers me. Except for Nishana, I am in all the Hindi films he has made so far. Even now, I'm booked with him till the end of '85. 

-- Cineblitz magazine 1984

Left: Sridevi, Jaya Sudha and Jaya Prada 

Sridevi and Janhvi Kapoor's statement bling: Jewellery for Indian stars and superstars

Sridevi and Janhvi Kapoor's statement bling: Jewellery for Indian stars and superstars

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From November 1994 cover shoot, a Diwali celebration special.

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