Saturday, 27 February 2021

The films of Kamal Haasan and Sridevi in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalm and Hindi

Well, Kamal Haasan says he did 27 films with Sridevi but we only found these 21... 

Above: Sridevi, Kamal Haasan and MGR 

Oka Radha Idhdharu Krishnulu (1986) - Telugu

Aakhri Sangram (1984) - Hindi

Sadma (1983) - Hindi

Andhagaadu (1982) - Telugu

Moondram Pirai (1982) - Tamil

Vazhvey Maayam (1982) - Tamil

Aakali Rajyam (1981) - Telugu

Meendum Kokila (1981) - Tamil

Shankarlal (1981) - Tamil

Guru (1980) - Tamil

Guru (1980) - Telugu

Varumaiyin Niram Sivapu (1980) - Tamil

Kalyana Raman (1979) - Tamil

Neeka Malargal (1979) - Tamil

Sigapukal Mookuthi (1979) - Tamil

Thaillamal Nanillai (1979) - Tamil

Chakkaipodu Podu Raja (1978) - Tamil

Manitharil Ithanai Nirangala (1978) - Tamil

Sigapu Rojakkal (1978) - Tamil

16 Vayanthiniley (1977) - Tamil

Moonru Mudichu (1976) - Tamil

... anyone know what the other six are? 

Friday, 26 February 2021

Sridevi on screen, Sridevi on home turf!

That smile! 


Sridevi and Krishna in Pachani Kapuram (1985)

Sridevi and Krishna in the Telugu hit Pachani Kapuram (1985). 

Released on 6 September 1985, was yet another notch for Sridevi. 


Thursday, 25 February 2021

Record views: Sridevi: Gone but not forgotten: 35 million hit!

Gone but not forgotten, yesterday was a record viewership for us. This isn't a tribute to anything we do but the love the world still has for a star like no other.

Someone messaged to say that we need to  stop policing Sridevi fans here, on Twitter and Instagram - when they over edit and corrupt original images, write things about her (like hyperbolic which inevitably becomes inaccurate features) and just let people be!

Ok!! It's a good life lesson! 

You do YOU boo! 

Unless its heinously wrong - we will... shut up! 

Sridevi in and as Chandni (1989)


Sridevi on the sets of the film Chandni back in 1989. 

Sridevi on the sets of Chand Ka Tukda

Sridevi on the sets of Chand Ka Tukda - from the song Darwaja khula rakhna... 

In a film with Salman Khan, the fact that Sridevi dominated the publicity shots of the film reveals how big a star she was in the 90s. 

Sari-clad Sridevi being too cute!

Sari-clad Sridevi being too cute! Sridevi on the sets of the film Akalmand (1984).

Huge archive of images from the film here.