Sunday, 9 May 2021

Janhvi Kapoor shares these Sridevi gems on Mother's Day: 2021


From the personal collection of Janhvi Kapoor, Sridevi's first-born shared these rarely seen photographs of the Indian icon at home. 

Makes us nostalgic - can't imagine what the family feels. 

Happy Mother's Day to all Sridevi fans. 

Sridevi in Lamhe

In Lamhe, Sridevi shines in yet another double role - perhaps no other Indian actress... correction, perhaps no other actress in the world has done as many as she has. The challenge lies in ensuring the two characters are different as night and day, in the same film - and make it palatable, immensely believable. Sridevi dipped into her bag of tricks to create magic on screen. 

In an interview with Screen, she said, "I don't know who the inspiration behind the roles in Lamhe was, Or who they had been written for. But when Yashji narrated the story to me on the sets of Chandni, I was so fascinated by the characters of Pallavi and Pooja, that I knew I'd love to play them. The challenge lay in brining out the contrast between mother and daughter who look identical." 

Well, Sridevi did it flawlessly. Pallavi was as different as Pooja could be. The superficial look and patina aside, Sridevi ensured Pooja and Pallavi emoted differently, they cried differently, showed anxiety in different ways. Sridevi altered her expressions while essentially showing the same emotion. Pallavi wept with unrestrained shrieks, Pooja's tears were more muted and silent. Pallavi raged in pure Hindi, in declarative sentences, Pooja interspersed her words with English and colloquial speech. They laughed, well, they laughed the same as a memorable dialogue in the film indicated. 

The physicality of the two were delineated too. Pooja and Pallavi had different hair, Pooja wore more western clothes, her Indian ensembles were different to Pallavi's. Pallavi wore only traditional ensembles and thick, ethnic jewelry. Pooja had a more modern twist, polka dots, denims skirts, capris... perhaps the plats were a little too much - I mean which 20-year-old is walking around with identical ribbons in her hair?! But on Sridevi's perfect visage.. .it didn't look too absurd. 

She was a vision in Lamhe... a double vision... the one and only Sridevi. 


Sridevi with her friend Pinky Reddy: Socialite and heiress

 Sridevi with her friend Pinky Reddy over the years: Socialite and heiress 

Saturday, 8 May 2021

MOVIE magazine's feature on Sridevi: Indian Luminary

Sridevi (1963): Sridevi of the saucer eyes has always been more at home with fall-down-funny farce (the Charlie Chaplin riff in Mr.India, the child-woman in Sadma, the beer guzzler in Chaalbaaz etc.) than with morbid meditations on human frailty. A long-standing No.1 and a brilliant actress, her on-screen verve and erotic energy lifts one over bumpy scripts as she extract juice even from pulp like Himmatwala, Tohfa, Nagina or Laadla.

Having slogged it out in 200 films (between 1977 and 1983 she did 14-15 Telugu and Hindi films every single year), she can now rest easy in the knowledge that from among her contemporaries, she has had the riches haul of meaningful roles.  

The original vs the app: Sridevi images corrupted by fans

Sridevi's original image was posted earlier by us in the archives (see the entire series here). Fans took hold, made the image worse and posted it on Instagram. 

We are horrified by the result, the photographer is and so is the designer. The conceit of the person that thinks they can 'better' an image created by a team of professionals. That face melt app that mutates the skin to such a degree, Sridevi ends up looking like a waxwork figure of herself. Dreadful. 

Photographer: Rakesh Shreshta
Outfits: Neeta Lulla
Make-up: Ifte

Stardust, April 1994.