Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Young Sridevi in Malayalam film Angeekaaram (1977): 14 year Sridevi in yet another double role!

Young Sridevi in the Malayalam film Angeekaaram (1977). 

Sridevi, age 14, in this drama from Kerala, where the young actress had a complex double role. 

Watching Sridevi and Venkatesh's hit Kshana Kshanam 267 Times: Famous Fan Shreya Dhanwanthary

Telugu actress Shreya Dhanwanthary posted on social media yesterday, “Rewatching my favourite Telugu film for the 267th time. RGV, @VenkyMama, @SirPareshRawal & Sridevi at their ABSOLUTE BEST!” 

Shreya was last seen in the brilliant web series Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story, directed by Hansal Mehta. Shreya essayed the role of a journalist - Sucheta Dalal - exceptionally well. 

Welcome to the list of Famous Fans of Sridevi Shreya! 

Shreya tweets:

Rewatching my favourite telugu film for the 267th time. RGV, & Sridevi at their ABSOLUTE BEST!

Sridevi in the late 1980s in Bollywood: Big hair, big makeup: Biggest Bollywood Star

 Sridevi n the late 80s

TBT: Sridevi on BBC Asia Radio: Rare clip


In a rare interview with @iharoonrashid Sridevi spoke candidly about giving up her childhood to cinema, how she dealt with super stardom and why she was so comfortable in front of the camera. 

So lovely to hear Sridevi's voice after eons.... 

Sunday, 18 April 2021

Aamir Khan with Sridevi: 1989: Outtakes from a Bollywood magazine cover shoot

Sridevi with Aamir Khan back in 1989 - they never did a film together, but were fans of each other.

These are outtakes from a cover shoot for MOVIE magazine - when the magazine went rhough a stunning re-vamp.