Friday 1 December 2023

Sridevi Kapoor and Suhasini Maniratnam: Telugu and Tamil contemporaries

Though she was two years and two days older than Sridevi, Suhasini made her debut much later in the '80s and worked with the South Indian superstar in two Telugu films; Muddula Mogudu (1983) and Aakhari Poratam (1988). 

Legend has it Sridevi's mother Rajeshwari encouraged the lovely actress to work in front of the screen and not behind the scenes. Suhasini had said in past interviews that while they were working together she didn't feel a sense of competition as Sridevi was already a major star and they had known each other for years. After all,  Suhasini is the niece of Sridevi's frequent co-star Kamal Haasan. Sridevi even helped Suhasini when it came to pleating her sari on set, giving her tips on how to change quickly and so on. 

There was a talk show led by Suhasini where Sridevi appeared in 2012 - during the English Vinglish promotions - that I've been dying to re-watch again and hoping to get a full translation of here. Being contemporaries and friends for long, it was the most comfortable, at-ease Sridevi had ever appeared on television.  Alas, can no longer find it. 

Horsing around with Sridevi: Powerhouse that was this legendary actress

 Can you name all the films? And which year? Sridevi rode high. Queen of all screens she conquered. 

 A series brought up by tumblr 

Sridevi in the 1990s: TBT to Filmfare shoot

Sridevi in the 1990s: TBT to Filmfare shoot

Thursday 30 November 2023

Sridevi and Sushmita Sen


Sridevi and Sushmita Sen
90s tabloids.

Sridevi's 90s perm. 

Sridevi in Gumrah

 Sridevi in Gumrah. So good in the film, she should have won more awards and honours.