Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Happy Birthday Sunny Deol: Sridevi's frequent co-star turns 65

Sunny pa ji turns 65 today! Wowsa

Happy Birthday Sunny Deol!! 

Although he was Sridevi's frequent co-star, the two famously didn't get along off-screen but were magical on film through hits, flops, the fun and the drab of the 1980s in Bollywood

Of her co-star, Sridevi said, "Sunny Deol is a very powerful and strong person. He is a man of few words, which really suited me because I am also very shy and reserved."

Sunny Deol has said a few things about Sridevi that does not bare repeating... But in the end, he did state, Sridevi was "magic on screen." 

So let's leave it at that. 

The Statement Earring: Sridevi then, Janhvi Kapoor now

The Statement Earring: Sridevi then, Janhvi Kapoor now. 

Sri's image from 1988... Janhvi Kapoor in 2021.