Saturday, 16 October 2010


Jackie Shroff: "Sridevi was like a goddess. I think she was divine." (Cine Blitz, Dec, 1999).

Jackie Shroff: "I find Sridevi a very reserved person and like most professional artists, she never wastes her time. In-between shots she is either doing her make up or thinking about how to do the next shot. I think it is a good practice. I feel all the other actresses should follow her example instead of sitting idle or gossiping. Somehow after Karma I haven't been paired with her, maybe because my producers cannot afford her." (Showtime, Aug, 1992)

Series of shots from a shoot Jackie Shroff did with Sridevi for Aura magazine. Think it was shot by Rakesh Shreshta - if anyone can pls confirm?

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