Saturday, 16 October 2010

High Blitz

Incredible series of pics for High Blitz, Sridevi's rumoured - and yet to be proven - comeback news was cover story. But the comeback was a return to glamour, photoshoots and cover story of a glossy magazine, no films. Loved getting the magazine. Most of the shots were great. Except one.

From the Editor's Desk
February 2007
High Blitz

"...The magic of Sridevi endures. So sighed the team as they finally
pinned downt the elusive diva after a three-month relentless chase.
Hi! refused to bow down (the team is packed with Sridevi fans) and
when the lady gracefully agreed to do us the honours and let us peep
into her new life sans the fame and fireworks, the legendary charisma
and beauty was as heady as ever. If anything, it has acquired a deeper
hue with the actor's current happiness and security. With the other
divas Kajol and Madhuri Dixit reinforcing the films-after-marriage
trend, fans can hope to see Sridevi take the plunge too, soon..."

Shalini Sharma

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