Friday, 8 October 2010

Saroj Khan

Ace choreographer Saroj Khan with ace dancer Sridevi.  A vignette of quotes and a series of images between the two Bollywood icons.

So much has been written about the symbiotic dancer-teacher relationship between Madhuri Dixit and Saroj Khan, yet before there was Madhuri Dixit, there was this lovely pairing of Saroj & Sri!

Writer, producer, director Sawan Kumar Tak, Sridevi and choreographer Saroj Khan

The long association that began in the film Karma (1986) and ended with Chand Ka Tukda (1993). As memory serves, the last dance choreographed by Saroj Khan for Sridevi was the lovely Aaj Radha ko Shaam Yaad aa Gaya... The expressions, the grace, the touches of classical movements, all has the 'Saroj' vibe.

Of the Top Ten Sridevi dances (and yes, there are more!), majority were directed by 'the' Saroj Khan.

Eventually, choreography awards will be called the Saroj Khan award - wait and watch!

Sridevi and Saroj Khan on the sets of Army

Sridevi with choreographer, dance-director Saroj Khan. On the sets of Army, Chand Ka Tukda, Pathar Ke Insaan and Banjaran.

"I've made Sridevi look sensuous in a six yard saari. I don't think I made her drop her pallu in that song I love you in Mr India, but she still looked sexy...."
-- Movie, Oct, 1997

"I remember even dancers like Vyjyantimala and Waheeda Rehmaan used to closely pay attention to what their choreographers used to teach them. The urge to learn is not seen today. No one can be compared to the likes of Madhuri and Sridevi when it comes to dancing to date...."
-- IndiaTimes Movies, Nov, 2007

Madhuri dances with anyone, she’s been a neutral person from the start. Now Sridevi was different. She used to fight for my dates.
-- IndiaTimes Movies, Nov, 2007

Sridevi is a doll with a golden heart.
I worked with her for the first time in Karma. Subhash Ghai (director) called to say that he wanted me to choreograph a song to be shot in Kashmir. I asked him who the heroine was and he replied Sridevi. The phone slipped out of my hand as she used to train under Master Salim.
Ghai then told me not to worry and simply do my job. I took extra care to choreograph the song. The first shot of Sridevi's dance for the song took 13 takes.

November 17, 2010

Clip of Sridevi meeting Saroj Khan after years here. From 6.18 on.

Saroj Khan, "Sri is like Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan. And, like them, is a rock, unaffected by periodic swings in star popularity. nobody can shake her from her throne. Her charismatic value will always remain for her fans."

"Madhuri can never topple Sridevi. Sri will walk away gracefully leaving space for anybody else. Both these girls are my favourites. They are very talented and yet poles apart. Sri understands me instinctively. She has all that experience to draw on. Madhuri is like an obedient child. She dumbly copies me, of course she copies rather well. The director also has to put in effort with her. He has to mould her. So Madhuri needs a good director and a good role. The problem is that today Sri is being typecast. After Nagina, we have Nigahein. It's upto Sri now to avoid doing the same thing over and over again. So the only competition with Sridevi is Sridevi herself. Sri has the option to refuse roles. Madhuri doesn't."
-- MOVIE magazine, 1989.
Saroj Khan, Sridevi and director Harmesh Malhotra on the sets of Banjaran

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