Saturday, 19 February 2011

Sridevi at the premier of Erra Gulabeelu

Stunning actress Sridevi was spotted in Hyderabad for the special screening of Gautam Menon's Telegu film 'Erra Gulabeelu'. The former queen of Bollywood flew down from Mumbai to support the first film of her nephew Deva. At 47, Sri was the cynosure of all eyes as the ever-gorgeous actress looks as glorious as ever, despite having left the film industry over 15 years ago to raise her family (daughters Janhavi and Khushi were not present at the premier).

She arrived to the first showing with her husband Boney Kapoor at Prasad Labs preview theatre where the movie was being screened. Sridevi's relative, actress Maheshwari too came for the screening. Producer Ashok Vallabhaneni was also present with Sridevi and Boney.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Sridevi’s nephew and popular Tamil actress Maheshwari’s brother Deva was recently in town for the premiere of his film Erra Gulabilu. The rising star was in a great mood as Sridevi herself was present during the occasion to lend support.

In a candid chat, the actor speaks about his aunt’s influence on his life and how he got into the industry.

“I studied MBA in the UK before coming back to India. I did want to act someday and wanted to be part of the film industry. I spoke to Gautham Vasudev Menon Sir and told him about my interest in films. One night Gautham Sir met me and offered me a cop’s role in a thriller movie, I was shocked,” says the actor.

Deva can’t stop praising Gautham Vasudev Menon. “He was guiding me all the way. Everyone, even established actors, wants to work with him. I was lucky to be a part of his film.”

Sridevi, of course, has been a major influence in the actor’s life. “Sridevi is my aunt. She has always been like a mother to my sister and I. We lived in a joint family all our life. Later she moved to Mumbai. She was always very approachable and supportive,” he says, adding, “At first she didn’t want me to act so I lied that I was working for an MNC. They found out later. But she is always there, like a second mother to us. We are very proud to be part of the family.”

Sridevi, however, never told her nephew the reasons behind her apprehensions about him taking up acting. “She never answered. She just didn’t want me to get into films,” says Deva, adding, “The other thing was that I was the only one from the family of actors who had done his Masters. So, they wanted me to settle down and continue in my field. But, when I started working, they were happy and encouraged me in everything I did.”
The actor says that he, along with his star sister Maheshwari, would always hang around with Sridevi as kids. “She was very possessive about us. She used to take us to her shoots and would also take us with her whenever she had shows abroad. She would also take us shopping.”

Deva says that whenever the actress came to Chennai, she would throw a huge party for the family at her farm house. “We got to meet Jhanvi and Khushi. We always make the most of the time she spends with us,” he added.
Having a superstar actress as an aunt has other advantages. One gets to meet all the stars. Deva too had his share of star viewings. “Yes, I met many of them. I used to get very excited then, but now it has become routine,” says the actor.

There were rumours that the actress found her nephew’s debut movie too vulgar, but Sridevi herself clears the air. “I am here to encourage my nephew, and I really liked the film. I wish him all the best for the movie and for his career in the film industry.”

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