Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Will Sridevi mother Sonam?

So what if Madhuri Dixit broke Anil Kapoor’s heart by refusing to play Sonam Kapoor’s mom? The senior Kapoor is now planning to approach Sridevi for the same role in his next home production titled Freaky Friday. “Nothing has been confirmed as of now, but if all goes well, then Sridevi will be playing the role,” says a source.

The film tells the story of an over worked mother and daughter who don’t get along in their daily lives. On one “freaky Friday”, both of them switch bodies and each one is forced to adapt to the other’s life.

Sridevi, who’s looking half her age these days, has been toying with the idea of a comeback for quite some time now. Now, it remains to be seen, if she gets along as well with her niece Sonam as she did with her father.

From Deccan Chronicle.

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