Saturday, 28 May 2011

Honey Irani

Excerpts from a fab Filmfare interview with the writer of Lamhe, the incredible Honey Irani.

Filmfare: Lamhe picked up the maximum awards this year. Why do you think it didn't click at the box-office?

Honey Irani: I saw the film in the theatre every week. Only once in a way did I overhear remarks like, "Kya yaar, buddhe ko jawan ladki ke saath shaadi kara di." [They made the old man marry the young girl]. I think people couldn't accept the ending. If we had had a tragic end, the film would have done better.

Why did people feel the end was incestuous when it was very clear all along that the young Sridevi looked upon Anil Kapoor as her 'knight on a white steed'?
Perhaps the Indian mind registers that the child of your beloved is your daughter as well.

Has the box-office failure of Lamhe forced you to compromise in your other stories?
No, not at all. even directors don't ask me to make changes or introduce situations or characters that are not integral to the plot.

Have producers tired to short-charge you because Lamhe didn't click?
Never. The fact that producers are asking met o write scripts for them despite Lamhe means that they like my work. So why should they pay me less than what I expect?

Filmfare, January 1993

Story writer Honey Irani on Lamhe, the reactions she got, what she felt for the film, and the speculation on why such a well-made movie tanked.

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