Sunday, 27 November 2011

Judaai (1997)

Hard to believe Judaai was Sridevi's last on-screen appearance (we're not counting Meri Biwi Ka... as an incomplete, un-dubbed film was rushed to the screen nor Sri's 2min guest appearance in Halla Bol). An essentially flawed film with an over-the-top implausible premise, Sridevi and Sridevi alone makes this film watchable. Most viewers and critics agreed.

Planet Bollywood, "Performances by each and every actor in the film are very good, especially Sridevi, who once again adds a memorable role to her long list of classic portrayals...:

Lizu on imbd, "Sridevi is absolutely fantastic.This was her last Bollywood movie which she had signed before leaving. However, it was by far her best performance..."

JD on imbd, "...What makes this movie worth watching is Sridevi and Urmila Matondkar. Sridevi plays a character that's never been played by an actress in cinema. The character is full of layers, one that we both laugh at and pity and Miss Sridevi just makes acting look easy. Urmila Matondkar is probably the only actress to have worked with Sridevi and deliver a memorable performance (unlike others like Jaya Prada, Padmini Kolhapure...who's performances have vanished into oblivion). Rumour had it that both actresses were taking a serious risk that would put their career in the drain. But then, it is their risk taking that has contributed to the fact that they are willing to experiment and this only shows the true actress they are. These were two of the best performances of the year..."


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  1. Her last film is in fact Kaun Sasha Kaun Jhoota (it was released in April 1997, while Judaai was released two months earlier)