Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sadma (1983)

Sridevi in Sadma (1983). One of her (many!) splendid performances. Although her child-woman act was greatly appreciated (and emulated - often poorly - by others), there's a common myth and misconception that Sridevi won the national award for this (or in its original incarnation Moondram Pirai). But she didn't. Not the Filmfare nor the National Award, which all went to her frequent co-star Kamal Haasan.

It is still hard to believe: Sridevi did not get a single award for Sadma. Shocking. 

After Sadma... the two powerhouse talents never came together on screen ever again. Guess the two have yet to find a better script, film, story...

If you haven't seen it, watch out for the ending... it packs a punch like you won't believe. No spoiler here. Even after having seen it several times, its one of the most gut-wrenching film climaxes ever.

Sridevi in Filmfare; "Sadma (1983), the last scene where Kamal Haasan tries in vain to make me recall the time I spent with him was heart-wrenching. I couldn't show even a glimmer of recognition. My four-year-old-cousin refused to talk to me for days after that. He said that I had behaved like a vamp! A remake somehow loses the original's spontaneity. The magic of Moondram Pirai was something else."

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