Monday, 8 October 2012

Celebrity Responses to English Vinglish

Following one of the most incredible premieres in Mumbai, Indian celebrities of note have taken to twitter, all a'twitter about Sridevi and the film, English Vinglish.

Some of the best we read online so far, starting with the cast and crew;

Sridevi Boney Kapoor @SrideviBKapoor
Thank you so much everyone, for being so encouraging and supportive, and making me feel glad to be back with @EnglishVinglish:)

ADIL HUSSAIN: Watched English Vingkish last night. People had moist eyes filled with joy. Loved the filmm @gauris thank you for the part. Best of wishes. Adil Hussain 
15 Sep
Standing Ovation at Gala Opening of English Vinglish in TIFF Fest. Sridevi Stunned everyone with her performance.

PRIYA ANAND tweets; Never have I received soo many msgs & calls from the Press about my performance & a film! @EnglishVinglish was an opportunity of a lifetime!  

RAJEEV RAVINDRANATHAN tweets: It's surreal driving to the premiere of @EnglishVinglish seeing all these giant hoardings along the highway, one of the faces being mine. 

ALIA BHATT tweets: Watched English Vinglish and remembered why I was such a big fan of Sreedevi. Charmed all over again..!

19 Oct
Thoroughly enjoyed English Vinglish. + its music. Simply delightful.

24 Sep
T 877 -"English Vinglish" a delightful film, tender, soft, beautiful, relevant .. Sridevi immaculate, director Gauri Shinde .. YMUP !!

AMRITA RAO@Amritaraotweetz
Sridevi is Back..a childhood sweetheart mera balllllllma ; ) wish this film is a Big HIT VIT..

7 Sep
Its a joy watching SRIDEVI in the ENGLISH VINGLISH trailers...
ANUBHAV SINHA Anubhav Sinha @anubhavsinha 'English Vinglish' collections doubling everyday. @SrideviBKapoor strikes and how. Hate not having seen it yet... :-). TONIGHT...
Anubhav Sinha @anubhavsinha Finally saw English Vinglish. Is DELIGHTFUL the best word for it? Dunno.@SrideviBKapoor was, is and will remain a Goddess. RESPECT @gauris

Anubhav Sinha @anubhavsinha After years saw a 'real friendly appearance' that is not 'sold' in the promotion. what a joy to see two maestros together. @SrBachchan
[Film director Anubhav Sinha]

Sridevi with Anupam Kher
Anupam Kher@AnupamPkher
English Vinglish is Spectacularly Beautiful. Film with a Golden Heart. Take a bow Gauri Shinde.Sridevi, ORIGINAL QUEEN OF CINEMA is BACK.:)

12 Oct
Just saw English vinglish. What a beautiful n simple film n nothing beats pure talent, Sridavi is outstanding, a treat to watch.

AYESHA TAKIA AZMI tweets: WOW, interval of EnglishVinglish, im in awe of how fantastic Sridevi ji is!!! Cant wait to watch the rest of the film.....(: 

3 Oct
Watched Balki's English Vinglish. Super film and a sparkling performance. The empress is back!!
5 Oct
Vidya Balan said filmein 3 vajeh se chalti hai - entrtnmnt-entrtnmnt-entrtnmnt. English Vinglish 2 vajeh se dekhni - Gauri Shinde -Sridevi.
14 Oct
Super advt of Sridevi as Statue of Liverty to declare English Vinglish as World wide HIT. Balki and Gauri you may take a bow!

4 Oct
Here's wishing our Mam a super successful run with . Mam you never went any live in our hearts!
Novelist DEEPAK CHOPRA  @deepakchopra007
@SrideviBKapoor Its one of the finest watch of 2012....Sridevi set to roar the box office like never before.... #hatsoff

DINO MOREA tweets; Saw English Vinglish, WOW, such a brilliant, well made film. Sri Devi and her English class were outstanding. Thoroughly entertaining. 

KOMAL NAHTA: Some films are beyond stars and ENGLISH VINGLISH is one such wonderful film. 

14 Oct
Just watched English Vinglish & enjoyed it thoroughly. Have 2 agree that most Indian men dont like their wife being d centre of attention

26 Nov
Just saw English Vinglish on dvd!! Whatta a lovely film.N sridevi is a Goddess!! 

27 Nov
Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. I am so happy that you liked English Vinglish :)
14 Oct
100 years of Indian Cinema, 70 years of Amitabh Bachchan! in the opening credits of English Vinglish which is such a lovely film

Komal Nahata: All awards for best actress this year should be reserved for Sridevi and Sridevi alone.
[Komal is a TV host, film industry and box-office commentator and reviewer]

KONKONA SEN tweets Loved #EnglishVinglish! Both Sridevi and Gauri Shinde have done a fantastic job! 

MANDIRA BEDI tweets: Just saw the amazing #englishvinglish . Sridevi has made a stunning comeback with an incredible performance, in a beautifully crafted film..

MANISH MALHOTRA @ManishMalhotra1 Left work to go and catchup with englishvinglish:-)@SrideviBKapoor is OUTSTANDING:-)

Manish Malhotra @ManishMalhotra1
The greatest bestest@SrideviBKapoor in englishvinglish :-)

[Manish is a long-time Sridevi collaborator and designer]  

Supermodel and actor  12 Oct
Super film English Vinglish !! In love with SriD all over again :)

27 Aug
Looking fwd for English Vinglish' my fav actor Shridevi' muwaahhh! Promo's look v aTtractive n acc to me,its gonna be a successful come back

Designer 14 Oct
Major!! THIS is how its done. Came back.Saw.Conquered. Power house performance n direction. Pls. watch xoPG

Recently watched the English Vinglish trailer. Its awesome, I feel it will be one of the best films this year. Waiting to watch the film.
Watched yest.. Cute film with a great msg. Frnds please watch.
Here's wishing all the best for her film . I'm sure it will be a super HIT!!

PREITY ZINTA @realpreityzinta Saw English Vinglish & all I can say is Welcome Back Sridevi & Take a Bow Gauri Shinde 4 a fab movie. A MUST WATCH 4 the entire Family :-)

14 Oct
Just came out of the theatre after watching english vinglish....whatte delightful movie..excellent comeback by sridevi...loooooved it..

Rajeev Masand ‏@RajeevMasand
English Vinglish is so charming...formulaic but feel-good. Has a big beating heart at its centre, and that's Sridevi, who's just terrific.
[Rajeev is a CNN/IBN correspondent, film critic]

Raj Kundra @TheRajKundra Wife and I are going to watch #englishvinglish so excited as we are both huge Sridevi fans. So the premier is a must attend for us! 

16 Aug
Watchd english vinglish trailer..Aftr 15 yr hiatus Sridevi is looking 15 times mre beutiful nd seems to have become 15 times better actress
RAM GOPAL VARMA @RGVzoomin Hey Gauri just saw @EnglishVinglish ...can u please tweet ur feet so that I can touch them?
Ram Gopal Varma@RGVzoomin
If u look hard u might find many many kohinoor diamonds in this world but i will guarantee u that u will find only one Sridevi
7 Oct
There can be English Vinglish,India Vindia ,America Gimerica but there can never be Sridevi Vridevi

5 Oct
At the premiere of # English Vinglish...with family.Kids are excited to see Sri.All the best for the cast and crew.

RITEISH DESHMUKH @Riteishd This is what u call The Return of the SuperStar- @SrideviBKapoor is just extraordinary in #EnglishVinglish.Brilliant film by Gauri shinde.

3 Feb
Watching "English Vinglish" again @ zee TV; So refreshing !!! Sri you are simply amazing as always !!!

It is very sad and shocking that sridevi performance in English Vinglish is being sidelined at the award functions..

SHAHID KAPOOR ON ENGLISH VINGLISH: Watching Sridevi on screen u feel how much u have missed her & there's so much we can learn frm veterans 

30 Sep
English Vinglish is not just a film about Sridevi learning English. It's a funny heartwarming story of a woman coming in2 her own
6 Oct
So glad is getting all these accolades for . She's been away from films for 2 long.

SHILPA SHETTY @TheShilpaShetty Saw English Vinglish,so happy 2 hav @SrideviBkapoor back.My all time favourite.Luvd it,a mussst watch,gr8 performances and so well directed

"Sridevi is in her own league and we are nothing in front of her." Shilpa Shetty

SHILPA SHIRODKAR tweets: English Vinglish.. What a beautiful Film... Sridevi is awesum and the only 1 who cud have done it... Well done and Welcome Back:-)

8 Oct
There should be a Laurent in every woman's life. Laurent? Watch English-Vinglish. Adored it! Loved Laurent.

Shobhaa De @DeShobhaa
Paresh Rawal and Sridevi - Actors of the Year! The rest are just successful stars!

3 Mar
Finally watched English Vinglish!! Brilliant film! Loved the subject, direction by gauri shinde and the superlative acting by sridevi!!

SONAKSHI SINGHA tweets: Sri ji ne kamal kar diya! She lights up the screen like never before. A simple and beautiful film... English Vinglish. 

SONAM KAPOOR: Best of luck to @SrideviBKapoor for english vinglish!! You're going to rock!! 

8 Oct
Finally saw English Vinglish!What a lovely film & my fave Sridevi is just outstanding..A masterclass in acting..It's like she never stopped!

Subhash Ghai @SubhashGhai1 tweets Every actress of today in india must salute SRIDEVI for carrying such a simple story n turn into a great film with her great performance
[Film director Subash Ghai worked with Sridevi in Karma back in the early 80s] 

Director of Kahaani 8 Oct
saw ENGLISH VINGLISH.. very nice film. you must see it, if you haven't already. hawa hawaii is back and how! sridevi is outfstanding!

SUKANYA VERMA @Sukanya Verma: Think she's wonderful and hundred times more expressive than the current lot put together and multiplied by 10.
[Sukanya Verma is a writer, film critic]

TANYA GHAVRI @tanya1ghavri
English Vinglish best indian film of this year and sridevi is par excellence! feeling good!!!!

5 Oct
At the Premiere of English Vinglish.. Always been a mammoth fan of Sridevi.. Can't wait to see her ignite the screen once again..

TUSSHAR KAPOOR @TusshKapoor English Vinglish is by far the most emotional & extraordinarily performed film I've seen this yr! Go check it out guys, Sridevi rocks n how!

VIDYA BALAN @ the premiere of English Vinglish; "No one versus Sridevi, I worship the ground on which she walks" 


2 Oct
. is absolute magic in English Vinglish. A 15-year sabbatical but not a trace of rust. Welcome back!

RAJA SEN  @RajaSen
Watched 4 films in 3 days and not just does Sridevi beat Winslet, she trumps Brad too. Writing out the review for Killing Them Softly now.

[Raja Sen is a writer/critic, Rediff]

TARAN ADARSH @taran_adarsh First 'Barfi'. Now 'laddoos' [English Vinglish]... The sweet taste of success spreads. Awesome Wowsome!

Dr Jaishree Sharad @JaishreeSharad Watching English Vinglish with hubby & in laws. Sridevi brilliant. Rockstar @SrBachchan outstanding, suave and impressive as ever.

Samina Motlekar @m_samina So lost in the magic of EnglishVinglish that I forgot to tweet my appreciatiation. Welcome back @SrideviBKapoor .

6 Oct
Watch english vinglish for sridevi's breakdown at an eatery and her stirring monologue in the climax. She's beyond outstanding
What a delightful charming film English Vinglish. What a standout performance 4 sridevi, plumbing subtext, using silence and vintage acting

Komal Nahta @KomalNahta EV in UAE: Unbelievable collections! Thursday+Friday=8,50,000 dirhams. Astounding for a film with just Sridevi as the saleable face

TARAN ADARSH @taran_adarsh #EnglishVinglish is very good in Overseas... UK Fri £ 35,726 [8 screens yet to report] ... USA Fri $ 180,000 ... UAE Thu + Fri AED 850,000.

Milap Zaveri @zmilap
'English Vinglish' jumps almost 100% collections on saturday! just shows how loved the film is! OMG rocks on 2nd fri/sat too! Mindblowing!

26 Dec
Kareena Kapoor feels Sridevi will sweep the best actress awards for 'English Vinglish'
Aalif Surti @AalifSurti Big hug to Gauri Shinde for a sweet laddoo of a film. Rare to see standing ovation in a regular screening. #EnglishVinglish

Lada Guruden Singh - While the world will praise Sridevi for giving a stellar performance, I will put Gauri, right at the top.
One of our finest artists ever, Sridevi, welcome back and Gauri, thank you for precisely that!



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  3. sree devi jaisi koi nahi my all time fav

  4. I have only three wishes in my life 1. to take my mom in a plane and have good time with her.

    2. To meet The Sachin Tendulakar.

    3. To meet The Sridevi and after if I die I will not have any complain and any regret to GOD. I love you Sri Mam.