Saturday, 14 December 2013

Lamhe (1991)

If you haven't got he blue ray of Sridevi's magical act in Lamhe - get it NOW! The glorious colours, music, acting, story, stars... its just the most faultless performance in Sridevi's illustrious career. A timeless classic that bears repeating.

These snaps from the underrated gem of a song, Megha Re Megha. Sri looks absolutely gorgeous in it. Sridevi talked about how "paunchy" she was during the shoot and she lost the weight before she worked on her role as Pooja. We find her endearing throughout. But naturally...


  1. Actually the second half of the movie was shot before the first half ... Sri had to attend her dads funeral and return to the shoot ... she says she put on a few pounds the two weeks she was away attending the sad family event.

  2. exactly. the second half was shot first and our girl was thin then. then she put up some puppy fat to act like famous pallo!!