Sunday, 29 June 2014

Roop Ki Rani...

Sridevi's adorable act as Ms Tooti Frooti in the caper Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja. The much delayed, overripe flick was a disaster at the box-office (on account of its incredible delay, shoddy direction and mismanaged run) but upon re-watch, well, there are hundreds of other films that are far worse than this.

Sridevi kills it in this movie - she has numerous scenes, songs and dances that seem other-worldly, that belonged in a better film. Including this comic scene that she does stunningly well.

Post-script: God bless Sri/Boney Kapoor and co, for referring to the film in an episode of the TV show Malini Iyer years later. She comments on the film flopping badly in an adorable fashion on the TV show (yet another flop by Satish Kaushik!). We are fans of the actor, yet as a director Kaushik has failed repeatedly - he seriously should never have meandered into direction. He just makes terrible films/shows, despite being an immensely amiable chap. Oh well...

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