Tuesday, 22 July 2014

1980s Fashion in Bollywood

I think it was the late great photographer/Bollywood commentator Gautam Rajadhyaksha, who stated that unlike her contemporaries, Sridevi was at equal ease in Western or Indian attire. With her height and grace, she pulled off anything with elan and ease... even the questionable fashion of Bollywood in the 1980s.

Here, a smorgasbord of sartorial selects from Sridevi's cinematic styling. Yes, the alliteration is deliberate! ;o)

The hair, the colours, the stripes, the bling, the hats, the bouffants, the gold, the feathers, the shimmer, the saris, the sequins, the bindis, the wigs, the rouge, the skirts, the diamonds, the salwaars, the anarkalis, the kitten-heels, the kanjeevarams, the chiffon... she did it all!

Sridevi. Style! Icon!! Diva!!!

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  1. After a long time lot of young Sri's images have been posted. Thanks, thanks!