Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Airport Understated Chic, March 2016

Apart from the occasional miss, Sridevi's airport fashion is pretty much a hit consistently. As Indian celebrities have finally woken up to the fact that in Mumbai airport, a crew of paparaazi has set up camp, on the look-out for the constant parade of celebrity sighting at their best and worst, all stars have started to polish up their look. For those who has traversed the arteries of exhausting Mumbai airport, how anyone comes out of it looking this radiant is beyond us, but then, not all are 'the' Sridevi.

Whether its the hair flip, the Chandni vestigial whites, the cool shades, or the casual elegance of the entire head-to-well-heeled toe awesomeness, Sridevi nails it. As confirmed by the cacophony of self-appointed (and self-anointed!) fashion priests and gawkers, Sridevi's look as been described as "comfort before style", while CNN-IBN scribe says, " Stunner! Sridevi nails smart-casual chic as she arrives at Mumbai airport"

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