Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Sridevi and Amitabh Bachchan on the sets of KHUDA GAWAH (1992)

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Built on the customary Bollywood pillars of romance and action, it gives Sridevi a go at another double role. As the Pathan's (Amitabh's) new wife, she waits in vain for him to keep his promise to return before losing her senses. As their daughter, she has only un-pent contempt for her father until she reunites her Pathan parents after the patent fights.

Sri outshines even her shoulder-bendingly heavy, white and gold ensembles. That even a ridiculous scene like her regaining her sanity when she sees her husband becomes plausible, is a stunning testament to her talent.

Sridevi: "It was an unusual setting, unusual role. Lovely rich costumes, unheard of locales. Rugged mountains and a very interesting double role of a sad mother and a bubbly daughter. The reunion scene with a grey haired me and bearded Amitabh joining hands to fight the villains was quite emotional.

I had worked with Amitabh earlier in Inquilaab but at that time I was too young. I was like a bacchi [child] with a giant. I was in awe of the stature and only had a few scenes as his wife with him, besides a couple of songs. But by the time we got to do Khuda Gawah, we were very comfortable with each other. He is a great hero, one of the best.

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