Monday, 9 April 2018

Sridevi in and as Chandni

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In a stellar career with too many faultless performances to count... Chandni stands tall. God, what a performance. How incredible she looked. How well she danced. The magnificent Sridevi. The definitive Bollywood heroine.


For the records, would like to capture every single Indian and western ensemble worn by Sridevi in the fashionable film Chandni; the film is a classic in many ways (music, romance, dialogues, acting) but so severely stylish (Silsila is another one worth capturing every frame of!)  Though made in 1989 (and the 80s having been a diabolical designer dud in many ways), somehow Yash Chopra's imprint and innate style translates and remains a timeless classic in sartorial selections.

Three designers - and Sridevi's own input - worked on the film. The Oscar-winning BhanuAthiya, who left the film midway due to "creative differences" with director Yash Chopra, Leena Daru and newcomer Neeta Lulla (who went on to become a fashion force in later years) filled in. Sridevi looked perfect in every frame - that's not just the fan in us stating that.

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