Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Sridevi rockin' some serious 80s Fashion in Bollywood

Maybe the word 'fashion' is a stretch but certainly 80s Bollywood costumes were rocked out by Sridevi on film and for print. It may be the rose-tinted fandom but we think Sri looks great in every look.

Sridevi in Banjaran - a festival of colours

On the auspicious occasion of Holi, here's a festival of colours on screen brought to you by Sridevi in Banjaran. Sridevi just lights up the screen in every frame she's in - even in a less than aces film like this shot-in-the-80s released-in-the-90s flick. In an interview held around that time - scroll back in the archives - Sridevi hinted that she knew the film wasn't going to work but held her tongue back due to her respect and fondness for director Harmesh Malhotra (who did the iconic film Nagina with her). But as every reel reflects, Sri put in her efforts in the musical.

These images of Sri from fans on tumblr.

Spot her in the crowd: Sridevi

No matter which star or superstar she's with, all eyes go to Sridevi.


Rare pic of Sridevi from...?

Zee Bollywood asks, Mr India or Roop Ki Rani...?

Sridevi with fans and friends...