Sunday, 20 January 2019

Sridevi advert

From early 2000s... 

Sridevi: Child Star to Leading Lady to Superstar to Legend...

Unlike other child stars - be it in India or Hollywood - who transitioned from the cute-kid on screen phase to adulthood with often difficulty, controversy, public failings and falls, Sridevi segued into superstardom with utter ease. There is no moment or time when she faced a calamitous struggle and 'the hardest working actress' in India climbed the ladder of success without tripping even once. Child star, leading lady, superstar to legend, the iconic pan-Indian actress has a near-mythic biography as its hard to believe how much she did and how much she achieved in her 50 years in the industry.

Sridevi portrait by Rakesh Shreshta

An arty off beat shoot Sridevi did in the early 90s for MOVIE magazine, under the creative direction of one of India's finest photographers Rakesh Shreshta.  Without the bling and glossy makeup and minimalist look... it brings out the epic natural beauty of the Southern siren...  Click on the image - Sri looks so gorgeous.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Shatrughan Sinha with Sridevi

Though he was a senior in all due respects, Shatrughan Sinha was a huge fan of Sridevi and said so several times over the years in several interviews and features. He gave a wonderful speech before handing the Best Actress trophy to Sridevi for her remarkable performance in Lamhe. We've been looking for the clip online forever... 

Sridevi looking so cute!

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Sridevi did indeed need and wear glasses off screen! She looks so cute here in her full denim look and frames. Shot by Rakesh Shreshta for MOVIE magazine in the early 90s, or maybe 1989!

Sridevi's name... hmm. We have doubts.


This has been widely reported as fact though we are still not very sure - the origin of Sridevi's name. Many have written online ALL OVER the place that Sri was born 'Shree Amma Ayengar etc'.... when we have never heard this before. Sri herself denied it in an interview with SKJ. Hmm. But its just become fact as no one online checks... As far as we know, Sridevi was born' Ayappan Sreedevi'. - and she signed as such.