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Sridevi as Anju and Manju in Chaalbaaz (1989)

Sridevi as Anju and Manju in Chaalbaaz (1989)

Now and Then: Sridevi

Sridevi as a dancer in two different films  - (L) Sridevi on the sets of Chand Ka Tukda (1994),  (R) Sridevi on the sets of Jaag Utha Insaan (1984).

A decade separates the two pics. One of our fav categories on the blog is Now and Then - where we put pictures of Sridevi side by side from when she was younger and a more recent pic.

Sridevi at age 12, on the sets of Julie

Julie was released in April of 1975  - so Sridevi was, by our calculation, all of 12 when the film was shot and released (she'd be 13 in August of 1975!).

The tall young gal had a brief role as the leading lady's younger sister. The movie was one of the biggest hits of the year and the music, the biggest of the decade. You can see a tall and thin Sri grooving along to the hit song 'My heart is beating' on YouTube.

Seen here with the leading lady Lakshmi and character actor Om Prakash.

Sridevi with Rekha on the sets of Nazrana

Long before there was the Madhuri and Sridevi fan war and trolling, there were Rekha and Sridevi fan camps; you were either hardcore fans of one or the other. The fact that the two were friends off-screen was not an issue. The two south Indian leading ladies dominated Bollywood in the 80s with a series of box office hits and fine performances (not to mention title roles, heavy paychecks and the best scripts, directors and co-stars ready for them).

Below, Rekha popped into the sets of Nazrana back in 1986 to visit her friend Sri - the papz went berserk. There are several shots of these two divas that went viral in tabloids that year. 

Young Sridevi in 1985 with current trend: short shorts!

Sridevi on the sets of Sarfarosh back in 1985 - rockin' a current trend, shades and short shorts!

The caption on the image is wrong - and published in a leading magazine. Film journalism in India is notoriously inaccurate - people make up entire interviews, quotes, features, fake images of stars next to each other to sell copies. Captions and credits all be damned too! One of the many horrendous traits borrowed from Hollywood.

FYI: Below is an image of Sridevi on the sets of Sarfarosh from the song Sridevi, Sridevi tu nahin... (which you can watch on YouTube to confirm!) in 1985, not Aakhri Raasta in 1986!

Sridevi on the sets of Chand Ka Tukda

Sridevi during the dances of Chand Ka Tukda - with the film's director Saawan Kumar Tak and choreographer Saroj Khan. One of Sridevi's best dances on film, Aaj Radha ko Shaam... 

Sridevi on the sets of Guru

No, that's not Sridevi on the sets of Cats! Sridevi's feral look for Guru back in 1989!

When it comes to this film - though it was a success at the box-office, Sridevi looked back on the movie with nothing but regret. As she said in a Filmfare interview, "... The kissing problem of Guru was a nightmare. Someone else's lips were used for a kiss even though I had said I wouldn't allow this to be done by a stand-in. My parents saw the film and were very upset. And the director (Umesh Mehra) even claimed that I had actually done the kissing scene. That has been my worst experience in the film industry. I really don't know why I should kiss someone I don't know. Others can do it but I can't."

Despite the controversy - and legal notice Sridevi sent Mehra - the movie created waves at the box-office and was the biggest opener of the year. The film was launched before Waqt ki Awaaz which would prove to be a bigger hit and released nearly seven months before Guru. Both films had similar cast and music by Bappi Lahiri. Music for both films released around the same time in April 1988. They don't call Bollywood a dream factory for nothing!