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Sridevi in Laadla


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Baby Sridevi with her beloved father

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Rare pic of baby Sridevi with her much beloved father.

Subash Ghai on working with Sridevi

Sridevi with Subash Ghai

Sridevi worked with me in Karma in 1985. A quiet lady with bundle of talent. A pure magical screen actor of India. We can never get another Sridevi again on screen. I am deeply grieved at this shocking loss. She has not been one of the finest actors but the finest actor of Indian cinema since 1985. Introvert by nature she was electricity with thunder in front of camera. She would shock directors with each shot taken on the sets. Whether it was dance, drama or romance. She was the uncrowned queen of acting. I knew her as a person for being my friend Boney’s wife. She was a purely traditional homemaker. A great mother and a perfect host for guests. We all loved her with great respect. The best thing in her life, I observed, was she maintained her dignity and integrity as an actor and as a person constantly at any cost in this demanding industry. Her on-screen work will be written in textbooks of acting. Be it Sadma or Mom, her last work. God bless her soul.

Noyon Jyoti Parasara 

 From The Telegraph India

OCTOBER 24, 2005: Sridevi Boney Kapoor with Subhash Ghai 's Party

Kamal Haasan's thoughts on Sridevi

“Mrs. Sridevi Kapoor, astounding talent was not luck. It was well deserved and she worked for it from childhood. I have known her from her teens and she was a child when she worked with me. Mr. (K) Balachander gave me the responsibility of correcting her acting and dance moves. When she came she was not as talented but she developed every day and learnt. I was astounded by her trying. She was fond of me and I fond of her. Her tracks diverted and she became a superstar in Hindi films. She acted in 27 films with me and in all languages. The moments we had together were all in film shootings. We worked continuously that her personal life was on the periphery. The kind of dedication she had truly matched mine. No wonder we were fond of each other.

I saw her last month and we are not prone to showing emotions but we both hugged each her. The Sadma song rings in my ears now and it’s a great lullaby for this talented and beautiful Sridevi. She had a happy life. My deepest condolences to the family, her children and I know how much she loved her daughters. I found both mother and daughter cuddling each other and I made fun of her. Poor child is going to miss all that.”
Shama Bhagat

Airport Look: Sridevi

Can we all just collectively pretend that she's just gone on a trip and will be back at some indefinite date... Sigh.

TBT to Sridevi leaving Mumbai circa 2017

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