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Sridevi. Dancing diva.


Sridevi and Sanjay Dutt on the sets of Gumraah. Yet another film Sri deserved all the awards for.


Though not a learned dancer, Sridevi is an incredible one. Be it classical, western, Bollywood or what have you, her natural grace makes her one of the best dancers in the history of Bollywood.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Akshay Kumar's non-affair with Sri!

Star & Style magazine ran a cover story hinting that Akshay Kumar and Sridevi were having an affair. The article ran just around the time the two were shooting for the Hindi film Meri Biwi Ka Jawab Nahin. Both stars were shocked by the fabrication in the article - and the tabloid is now defunct. Thankfully!

At the time, rising star Akshay Kumar spoke out against the yellow journalism and also maintained his fan-dom of the Queen of Bollywood, Sridevi.

Excerpt from an interview he did following the release of the above magazine:

Akshay Kumar, "…Let me start with the latest story going around. I was quite disgusted and shocked to read about my affair with Sridevi in a magazine. It's all lies! Just because I signed a film with her, I am supposed to be involved with  her? This film with her, Meri Biwi Ka Jawab Nahin, I got because of Chinni Prakash, the dance master. It's a remake of a South Indian film, and originally, another hero was supposed to do it. (Jackie Shroff?). But later, when he couldn't take on this film, Chinni Prakash told the director, Pankuj Parashar, to show my film Khiladi to Sridevi and if she agreed, then to sign me. They showed her the film and she agreed, and so I was signed for the film.
Akshay Kumar and Sridevi

After that, we did a photo-session together where we just about smiled at each other. But, during the shooting schedule, I learnt a lot by just watching Sridevi. Just before the director says 'action' every actor quickly gets into the mood of the scene, but Sridevi has an absolutely blank face, no expression, nothing. The minute the director says, 'action', the transformation is amazing! I don't understand how she manages it but its wonderful watching her. Sometime back, we saw the rushes of what we had shot and Sridevi looks beautiful and young. Pankuj told me that we look perfectly matched! Working with her has made me more confident and it  has helped me professionally also. Like people say, he's doing a film with Sridevi and so I receive good offers.

Although we work well together, we don't really vibe off-camera. I have heard that she had refused to pose for still photographs with me, but I don't' really know anything about this, because no photographer has come and told me that in so many words. But there are working stills of our film together and that's enough for me.

You won't believe this but I haven't even spoken to her about the article on our so-called affair. It doesn't bother me..."

Postscript: The film was never completed and a shoddily edited version was released. And it flopped. Badly. As expected. Sri and Akshay Kumar did look really good together so its a shame the movie wasn't properly made. Akshay went on to become a superstar and Sridevi, a legend. The two are seen at events with their respective spouses and maintain a respectful relationship... and distance!

Roop Ki Rani...

Sridevi on the sets of Roop Ki Rani...


Rare photos of Jaya Prada, Amitabh Bachchan, Sridevi, Kamal Haasan... at the launch of Khabardaar. Sadly, the film was never completed.

Rakesh Shreshta Speaks about Sri

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Rakesh Shrestha: Working with her from HIMMATWALA to LAMHE had been a fantastic journey. She's highly professional - a switch-on/ switch-off performer. When she is in front of the camera, she literally transforms and she is full of energy. And as soon as the camera is off, she is one of the most isolated persons. She is a very highly versatile actress, a trend-setter. When she arrived in Bollywood she was known as one of the most sensuous heroines, and then she transformed  herself into the most graceful and dignified actress in a sari. So that's her graph, you see, she wore a sari in MR INDIA and the same sari in CHANDNI and yet she had a different identity in each. Both were highly accepted by the audience. That's called being versatile. That's Sridevi, an all-time favorite of mine."

p56, March 2015, Cine Blitz

We picked up the March 2015 issue of Cine Blitz (long time reader/subscriber!) and were so happy to see a passage and rarely seen pic of Sridevi (below) in it.

In a feature with photographers Rakesh and Rohan Shreshta (father and son duo), they discuss their muses with little anecdotes. We've always known that Shreshta senior has the most enviable collection of Sridevi pics EVER (he should do a book on Bollywood/Sridevi pics!) and glad that he's listed her as his "all-time" favourite.

PS: As a fan pointed out, considering Rakesh Shreshta did innumerable portraits of Sridevi for Cine Blitz, how odd that they chose to use a pic shot by Dabboo Ratnani and not RS! Oh well....

Sridevi on the sets of Bhagwaan Dada (1986)