Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Laurent bids farewell to Shashi: Mehdi Nebbou's touching note biding adieu to Sridevi

I'm deeply touched by the sudden death of Sridevi. She was connected with the invisible, divine, a marvelous artist, a shining light, the personification of grace.
Using the past to talk about her doesn't make sense, she is immortal.
My dear friend, wherever you are at this moment, I wish you peace, rest and gratitude for what you've given to this world.
I will never forget our encounter, our collaboration, our support, our laughs. You and your loving husband have given two wonderful daughters to this World and through the three of them, through the millions of people that your grace have and will forever touch; your Love, your Joy, your Light will live endlessly.... as they did for Charlie Chaplin whom you could imitate so brilliantly...
In the past, in the present and in the future of this World your light will keep on shining and plant seeds of Grace for them to grow till the end of Time...
"Shashi", Sri'... you will forever stay in my heart.
My thoughts goes to your family.
Rest in Peace my dear friend.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

When stars fan out at the Superstar - Sridevi

There have been several stars who have fanned out on Sridevi - just after this Manish Malhotra show - all the ladies and gent above posted on social media that they were crazy about 'the' Sridevi. Wearing a simple blue sari from Manish's collection (has he ever had a greater muse for a sari?!), Sridevi looked soooo stunning. Gorgeous forever.

Sridevi in the 1980s



Utterly simple or absolutely regal - Sridevi worked both looks with ease and charm.

Sridevi vs... every other actress!

There hasn't been a time in Sridevi's career when she wasn't compared to another actress, rising star, starlet, contemporary, senior... Still the longest reigning Queen of Bollywood.