Monday, 10 December 2018

Magnificent Sridevi in Chaalbaaz (1989)

There's some dodgy editing near the end of the film - no matter, watch the actress Sridevi CARRY the film on her might shoulders. Sridevi went on to win Best Actress, the leading lads - Sunny Deol and Rajnikanth - were left in another lane altogether. Sunny Deol spoke out against Sridevi years later (sour grapes?) but the movie will forever be a feather on Sridevi's highly festooned cap. She is magnificent in Chaalbaaz, an acting tour-de-force in her dual roles as Anju and Manju.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Sridevi with her Squad

Sridevi with her gal pals - so great to see her during her chill non-working days. As the hardest working woman in the history of Bollywood (300 films - anyone else topping that esp as leading lady till the very end?!), glad she took her hiatus. It was a loss for Indian cinema, but was personal gain for Sri.

Sridevi and Rekha, Jan 2018

Rekha and Sridevi at the HT Most Stylish Awards held in Mumbai on January 24, 2018. Exactly a month before Sridevi passed away. Who would have known? Life is... unkind and unfair. Sigh...

Moving on.

We have a rich archive of images of the two divas of Bollywood here. They have had many ups and downs in the past - but in the last two decades, the two leading ladies seemed to have got along like a house on fire.

Sridevi in Chandni

In the film Chandni, the images that Rishi Kapoor covers his walls with were taken by the ace photographer Rakesh Shreshta in the 1980s. Every large poster and picture of Sridevi is from his vast archive - he has photographed Sridevi more than any other photographer. We dream of going through his reels, to collect the treasure trove of Sridevi pics that we hardcore fans would swoon over.

We messaged Rakesh to beg him to do a book, not just of Sri but to create a volume dedicated to Bollywood, immortalising his work forever. He captured every major star from the 80s and 90s... sadly, he was nonchalant about it. Somehow wanting to close that chapter in his life especially after his son Rohan is now the bees knees of Bollywood photographer.

After Sridevi's shocking and abrupt end - God, even now, 9 months later we cannot wrap our brain around the circumstances of the diva's demise - we feel it important more than ever. To immortalise Sri in book and online. Generations should know that there once was a Queen like Sridevi - and there will never be another.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Gone Viral: Sridevi's (fanmade - ) Zero poster!

Sridevi is set to make her final appearance on film in the Shah Rukh Khan epic Zero. Fans have gone ahead and made a fan poster - and the image has gone viral on social media. Sridevi appears in a cameo shot (as herself) in the film and shot for it in 2017, two months before she tragically, unexpectedly, shockingly died in Dubai under unfathomable circumstances. Khan and the film's director have long professed of being fans of Sridevi. Knowing what she meant to India, her infinite fans, the expectations are sky-high... let's see what they do for the late, great Queen of Bollywod, the one and only Devi, Sridevi!