Sunday, 12 August 2018

Remembering Sridevi

A radio channel in Mumbai asked us our thoughts about Sridevi on this, what would have been, her 55th birthday. After some mulling, here's my full quote to them:

Today we - the Sridevi fan collective - feel the same way we did when we first heard of Sridevi’s passing... Empty. Hollow. Numb with grief, shock and disbelief. Like the shape of Sridevi has been carved out of our hearts and nothing but the emptiness remains....

Its been five months since the news hit headlines globally, and Sridevi fans have reacted in two ways; sadness and anger - both in extreme levels. They can’t believe it happened and they want to blame someone for it - we’ve seen so many messages of people expressing their rage at the injustice of it all and want to assign blame. The murder myth will live on forever. 

Like....say the untimely passing of Marilyn Monroe in 1962 at the age of 36...  it added to her legend, it added an aura of mystery to her global celebrity. Sridevi’s passing will add to her mythology, her legend. There will be endless speculation, even fifty five years from now there will be conspiracy theories on what happened to ‘the’ Sridevi. 

Undoubtedly, she will be known as one of the greats - if not the greatest (but then we are obviously partial...) Indian actress of all-time....

The way she died still seems so bizarre and prosaic… When she was so larger-than-life, how could life escape her? 

To me, Sridevi’s passing still hasn’t registered… it’s like the media is talking about someone else, not the Sridevi I’ve loved since Lamhe… 

You know her passing spiked the ratings on our Sridevi blog by 4 million. But again, only a vacuous din reverberated. It didn’t mean anything per se… 

Ages ago, around the year 2005, Shobhaa De asked me to write Sridevi’s biography and my only request was that I wanted the consent of Sridevi herself. Sri declined. I respected her wishes and didn’t even start the book. The funniest thing was, Sridevi told De, "Why? My life is so boring. I’m just an ordinary housewife.” 

She was anything but ordinary.

RIP Sridevi

RIP my Queen.


Sridevi in Thunaivan (1969)

And so the epic journey of Sridevi's stunning career began. Sridevi as a child artist in Thunaivan [Companion] in 1969. The Tami film was a mythological drama directed by M. A. Thirumugam and produced by Sandow M. M. A. Chinnappa Thevar. It was written by V. Balamurugan and the music was composed by K. V. Mahadevan. The film stars Sridevi, A. V. M. Rajan and Sowkar Janaki in lead roles while Major Sundararajan, Nagesh, Sachu, Vennira Aadai Nirmala and K. B. Sundarambal are featured in supporting roles. The film marked Sridevi's first leading film role of her career at the age of five (she started acting age 4) playing Lord Muruga. It was partially filmed in Black & White and Eastman color, and was a commercial success, running in theatres for over 100 days.

Sridevi with her baby Janhvi and husband Boney Kapoor

When Sridevi went off the radar post Judaai, we treasured every rare appearance she made in public. This tbt pic shows how happy she was during her self-imposed sabbatical, happy with her newborn first-born Janhvi. How gorgeous she looks. Circa 1998 or early 1999.

Happy Birthday Sridevi

Where we are, it is already Sridevi's birthday today - August 13. She would have been 55. Wherever she is, I hope Sridevi is at peace and happy. Our eternal love and devotion persists. Sridevi forever. Special thanks to Yash Raj Films for releasing this rare pic of Sridevi from the archives, on the sets of Chandni.

Thursday, 9 August 2018