Friday, 23 September 2016

Airport Fashion: Sridevi

Sridevi seen at the airport. Talk of the town about the fashion bloggers of course was the pop of colour to her all-white ensemble, provided by the iconic Hermès Kelly Bag.

circa Sept 9, 2016.

Sridevi and Divya Bharti

With more than a passing resemblance, Divya Bharti was indeed a big fan of her predecessor Sridevi. Shame about her tragic death.

Sridevi's Khan connection

Truth of the matter is, there is little in common between the Khan trifecta that rule Bollywood; be it Aamir, Salman or Shah Rukh Khan, all three have their own hardcore following, haters, fanatics, styles, movies, camps etc.

One of the few things all three have in common; the quinquagenarians are major fans of Queen Sridevi and have said so several times in the past in print, on TV, in interviews etc.

Salman Khan was such a big fan, he wrote the (awful) Chandramukhi and insisted upon producer/director Sawan Kumar Tak that he hire Sridevi for Chand Ka Tukda. Both were colossal flops but the fandom between the two stayed. Shah Rukh Khan was such a fan, he did an extended guest appearance in Army and Aamir Khan got Sridevi to appear on his TV show. 

Just a random collection of the pics of Sridevi with the Khans here!

Monday, 5 September 2016

Sridevi in the 80s, 90s, 00s

Sridevi then, Sridevi now. Wow. Sridevi over the decades... like a fine wine... and all that jazz.

Birthday Wishes Found Online

More fan montages found online as they wished Sridevi on her birthday (August 13).

Throwback Tuesday: Sridevi with her family

Sridevi with her family, captured by Filmfare from her Chennai home. Filled with art and gorgeous artifacts, Sridevi's at home - esp that pink sari shot - looks like this regal, ethereal, domestic Goddess...

Sridevi as a Child Artist

Sridevi as a Child Artist. Born to be a legend!