Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Sridevi in Mr India

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When Vidya Balan stated that Sridevi was an "encyclopedia of acting" in the film Mr India - there might be those who see it as unmerited flattery in a popcorn film by a self-proclaimed fan. As with everything Vidya Balan says in a serious interview, she means it. Watch the movie again and just see the multifarious parts Sri essayed in the iconic Indian film... Sridevi is pure genius in what she brought to the table... . Thanks to the deft hand of director Shekhar Kapoor, he controlled the "volcano of talent" and brought out the very best in her - something she herself has said in several interviews.

BTW - image below - also from a scene in the film that didn't make the final cut! How cute is Sri?! 

Sridevi and Rishi Kapoor in Banjaran

Sridevi and Rishi Kapoor in Banjaran (Gypsy). The film had a few lovely songs and despite the talent and tenacity of the two leads, couldn't rescue this deeply flawed script and hodge-podge film. The songs are worth a view on YouTube.

Jackie Shroff and Sridevi

A rare pairing, Jackie Shroff and Sridevi did few films together - as Jackie Shroff said famously, his producers couldn't afford her sky high rates! "A simple girl, but a Goddess on screen," said Shroff when the nation was deeply in love with the southern siren.

These images from Jawab Hum Denge. Sridevi as a cop. 

Jeetendra and Sridevi

Despite the kitsch factor when you reflect on the movies Sridevi and Jeetendra did together, let it not be forgotten that the duo had the nation grooving as they starred in not only several films together, they were box-office gold! While movies like Himmatwala and Justice Chowdhary were mega-hits, rarely did this pairing not break even at the box-office.

Despite the 21 year age gap, the on-screen couple had India dancing to their Bollywooden tunes.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Sridevi's familyi. Now and then.

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Sridevi with her family - before marriage and after.