Thursday 14 October 2010

Sridevi's popular appearance in Bollywood as a 12-year-old in Julie (1975)

Some stills from Sridevi's most memorable (albeit short!) appearance in a popular Hindi film Julie. As a child artist (age around age 11--12), Julie (1975) is often credited as Sridevi's first Hindi film appearance; its not! Sridevi appeared in the hardly seen Hindi film Rani Mera Naam as a child artist in the first few mintues of the B-film back in 1972, when she was barely 9! 

Sridevi has never spoken about her work in Rani Mera Naam, but about Julie, she said, "When I did my fist film as the heroine in the South, I also simultaneously acted in Julie. I was 11 years old then [when the movie was shot], in the film I was supposed to have a boyfriend and I didn’t even know the meaning of the word. I was so innocent then. I also remember my mother in a flying rage during the making of this film (laughing). You see I was playing an Anglo-Indian girl, and the director insisted that I cut my long hair in a bob only to look more realistic. My mother refused point blank. But one day when she wasn’t around, one of the artistes bullied me into sitting still and she quickly cut off all my tresses. My mother was absolutely livid when she later found out!"

--  From Cine Blitz, Jan 1992. See entire interview here.

In the cast line up (left), here's young Sridevi with iconic Malayali actress Lakshmi, comedian and character actor Om Prakash and yesteryear legend Nadira.

Pictures of young Sridevi from the film publicity stills and screengrabs below. 
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  1. I've been 'admiring' Sridevi since Julie days. Love you Sri !

  2. 13 August 1963 - 24 February 2018

    Rest in Peace

  3. I am shocked of untimely death of Sridevi .RIP