Friday, 15 October 2010

Karan Johar

Sridevi with Karan Johar. Such a pity K Jo's never been able to get Sridevi on his coffee show. Multiple clips below of Karan Johar talking about his love for the greatest actress of India; Sridevi!

1. The Last Actress Karan Johar was in Love with - Sridevi - Karan on Oy Its Friday show with Farhan Akhtar.

2. Karan Johar Introduces Sridevi As His "Favorite Film Actress" at Z Awards.

3. Karan johar talking to Sridevi at Kouture.


Kouture with Karan

Karan Johar: ...The showstopper and she is none other than the stunning, the beautiful, the absolutely gorgeous, glamourous, Sridevi.

Sridevi: Thank you!

Karan Johar: You know I'm your hugest fan, and I've said that a million times. From the time you worked with my father in a film [Gumraah, 1993] till today, I think you're just the best.

Sridevi: Thank you so much, so sweet of you.

Karan Johar: So tell me, what is the preparation for the walk, are you nervous? Little butterflies in your stomach?

Sridevi: Not really.

Karan Johar: You're all excited.

Sridevi: Yeah, absolutely.

Karan Johar: You've done this before?

Sridevi: Well, sort of. A short one.

Karan Johar: But this time, its the first time on stage, on the ramp, for a jewellery brand.

Sridevi: That's really true.

Karan Johar: And the piece looks beautiful, it looks -absolutely - just like you do - absolutely stunning. You're looking... can I use the word sexy and hot? Or am I not allowed.

Sridevi laughs.

Karan Johar: Am I allowed to say that you're looking stunning and sexy?

Sridevi: As you like!

Karan Johar: Are you excited, you've got friends in the audience, people are going to cheer loudly for you?

Sridevi: I hope so. Manish [Malhotra, designer] is there.

Karan Johar: Manish is going to scream loudly. Manish and I are both big, big fans. From both of us, you'll get the loudest cheer from both of us.

Sridevi: Thank you so much.

Karan Johar: And I just want to say its an honour mam' to talk to you, its an honour to be with you and its going to be great to see you on stage tonight. Thank you.


  1. Been follown sreedevi since frm julie..she d one cn replace her..her only second for me is karishma kapoor..she d d bomb of bollywood..lookn forward to english vinglish.

  2. yes looking for english vinglish

  3. sridevi was best heroine bollywood has evr seen until madhuri dixit arrived. bollywood has given back to back two biggest divas