Sunday, 28 November 2010


Sridevi in Laadla.

Sridevi: "I refused the Tamil and Telegu version of Laadla because i thought it's a negative role, the audience will hate me. However, when the became big hits, I realised I had made a mstake. So when I was approached for the Hindi version (after Divya Bharati's tragic death), I accepted it, without hesitating. I liked the character. She's not killing anyone, she's not a vamp. I am demanding too, I want everything to be perfect. Whether it's my house or my dress, I never compromise. But that's where my similarity with the Laadla character Sheetal Jaitley ends (laughs!)."
-- MOVIE magazine.

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  1. If she is agreeing to do a movie she commits herself to it and she give more than 100% to it. This is why we love her so much.