Friday, 18 March 2011


1989 was possibly one of the most significant years of Sridevi's life (and especially for her fans) as she had a whopping six releases! That's one film every two months!

The mega hit Chandni, the award-winning and successful Chaalbaaz, the extended guest appearance in Main Tera Dushman (which was a flop), the flop Guru (and the last film she did with Mithun), the long-delayed and ultimately unsuccessful Joshilay (the Sholay-rehash) and finally, India's first sequel and super-woman movie, Nigahein (aka Nagina II), which didn't do much in the box-office.

Hits, flops and guest-starring roles aside, Sridevi ruled nevertheless. What a mighty year for the hardest working woman in Bollywood!

In fact, Sridevi's working record is awesome, unfathomable and possibly, unbeatable. In 1986 she appeared in 10 Hindi films, in 1982 she did 12 Telegu films.

Indubitably, Sridevi's the hardest working actress of all time!

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