Friday, 27 May 2011

Raveena Tandon

Another famous fan, Raveena Tandon professes her admiration for superstar Sridevi.

From Cine Blitz:

Astonishingly, Raveena is the only woman who is friendly with the only woman in this industry... Sreedevi. "Why should it be so astonishing? Like I have said, I am very different from everybody. I am very friendly... If I like somebody, I go all out to be nice. And if that person is nice to me, then I will be doubly nice to the person.

Raveena Tandon and Sridevi on the sets of Laadla

"Sreedevi is a nice person. I think people are more in awe of her, which is why they find it tough to even have a conversation with her. I have always reacted to her like I would, with any normal person. She's also a normal human being to me... Sreedevi is really cool, I keep threatening to land up at her place and drag her out. She's very warm and a fantastic person."

Sridevi from the film Laadla

Plus a series of images of gorgeous Raveena Tandon clowning around. Fab photography by Jayesh Seth.

BTW we are really glad Raveena Tandon's making a comeback of sorts. Just as she was growing as a performer, she chucked it all to have a family, putting her glamazon career on pause. If the latest images in Filmfare are anything to go by, she'll be back with a bang in a far more polished avataar.

Having met Raveena at the Dior bash in Mumbai in 2009, she is even more stunning in person. Remember the tag she had in the press: Ravishing Raveena? Well, she is truly gorgeous - and a truly warm and friendly person, unlike a host of others we don't care to mention! Wishing Mz Tandon the best. R

- Click on images to see MASSIVE pics of Raveena Tandon in this spectacular shoot. Fab shoot by master lensman Jayesh Seth.

Photography Jayesh Seth
Styling: Shaahid Aamir
Make-up: Jaywant Thakre
Hair: Jaya Surve

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