Saturday, 28 May 2011

Shobhaa De

Cine Blitz: So who do you think has the star quality?
Shobhaa De:
In today's context, Sreedevi alone has it. In fact, she's the last one with it. Madhuri is beautiful, but there is no star quality here. She's far too wishy-washy. She looks like a very pretty Maharashtrian wife, who accidently strayed into the glamorous world of movies. Even when she's skimpily dressed, and doing a "Dhak dhak..." she doesn't exude the kind of sexuality that Sreedevi, clad in a skin-tight pair of jeans, enormous hips furiously gyrating all over the pace, manages to do. I mean, Sreedevi has it! That's something, that magic on screen. Nobody else does.

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