Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Saroj Khan

Ah more ups and downs from the volatile relationship between Sridevi and Saroj Khan. The dancer and the choreographer.

From Cine Blitz:



Khuda Gawah was the last time they danced together. After which, for a year-and-a-half, Sreedevi and Saroj Khan did not even see each other, except at filmi functions. Sree felt that Saroj had switched loyalties to Madhuri while the dance director felt that the actress didn’t require her services anymore, since she had hardly any films on hand.

It literally took an Army to bring them back together. Neha-Mad first signed on Sreedevi, and Nitin Manmohan spoke to Saroj Khan to choreograph the numbers.

Saroj went to meet Sreedevi at Filmistan Studio, where she was shooting for another film. The moment they saw each other, both burst into tears and hugged each other, the past was forgiven and forgotten. A touching scene indeed for onlookers. Sreedevi then had to fly to the States and Saroj told her affectionately that if the actress didn’t slim down, she wouldn’t do the song. True to her word, Sreedevi came back reed-thin and Saroj vowed, “I’ll put all of my self for Sree, because I want her to be a hit like never before. This is the time she needs all of us most.”

In fact, Saroj Khan is so involved that she even went for the music sittings with Anand-Milind so that she could express the kind of rhythm she wanted, she also went for the recordings. After she was satisfied, she sat with Neeta Lulla on the costumes, so that Sree’s figure could be done justice to.

The song is mind blowing, the steps are vigorous and the smiles on Sree’s and Saroj’s faces are like those of cats who got the cream!

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