Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Army (1996)

The Men Behind This Woman!
This interview with Sreedevi on marriage and a husband, show her as a woman who would fiercely guard her love. In Nitin Manmohan's Army, that's exactly how she is portrayed. Without giving away the story, let's say there is an army of five men who help Sreedevi to guard her love and help her avenge those who destroy it.

We got these men to do a photo session with Sreedevi - Mohnish Behl, Sudesh Berry, Ronit Roy, Ravi Kisen and Harish. Quite a handful! Each one was trying to woo the lady and get closer. But the queen bee couldn't care less. In fact, two hours before she arrived, the guys were doing workouts and oiling their bodies. Closer, she wouldn't let them be, but they got a chance to ask a question each.

Harish: I've worked as your son, brother and now as a friend in Army. Can I work as a hero opposite you?
Sree: Yes, why not! If subject demands it.

Ronit Roy: What is it in a man that makes you tick?
Sree: His simplicity. And yes, I like men who are less talkative.

Sudesh Berry: Give me the best guiding line of my life.
Sree: Stay the way you are now. Don't let things change you. Be yourself.

Ravi Kishen: What is the mystery behind Sreedevi?
Sree: That's what I prefer to remain - a mystery. Otherwise you wouldn't be asking this question and there will be nothing left to your imagination.

Mohnish Behl: Being a superstar, you don't even behave like a star. Whereas most of these new girls behave so starry! Does being friendly and sporting come easy to you?
Sree: Mohnish, I must appreciate that being the son of such a great superstar yourself [Nutan], you could pay me such a nice compliment. Well, I am myself. There is no pretense.

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