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Sridevi loves the domestic life

12 May 2007, 0047 hrs IST,
Jyothi Prabhakar, TNN

Ask Sridevi for an interview, and she asks, "Why? I haven't done anything now, have I?" That's exactly what we want to know – has she done anything in the recent years? And if not, why? She smiles, and waits. Soon we see why, for husband Boney Kapoor joins her. She whispers something into his ears, he laughs, and turns to us. "It's not as if Sri's decided not to work in films anymore. But it's got to be inspiring enough for her to leave her comfort zone.

Right now, she's happy looking after her home and children," he says. Watch Sri, and she just nods, looking at Boney. Through the interview, this is something that happens often – Boney and Sridevi complete each other's sentences, and often glance at each other lovingly.

So, is it true that Boney is readying a sequel to Mr India, and that Sridevi will play the lead? "Yes," they both say in unison, then laugh, and Sridevi lets Boney do the talking, once again, "Yes, I would like to work with Sridevi again. Right now, I'm finalising the
script," says he.

Adds Sridevi, "Nothing that we do will be without the other. Boney will have a part in everything that I do," she says. Seconds Boney, "We've been together for so long now, that the minute we are apart, we begin to feel incomplete. I've been there with her through her good times and bad, and she's stood like a rock besides me when my chips were down. All these travails have only brought us closer."

So, what is Sri doing these days? "I'm in a happy cocoon. The children are growing up, and they keep me busy. Apart from that, there are hazaar things to do in the house." Doesn't Boney help her with all that? Sridevi looks at him, and smiles, "It's a household like any other. There is no hogging the limelight issues here. He helps me some, and I help him too." So, this is the couple that the sceptics were sure wouldn't make it, when the news of their marriage had reached them. "Let me silence them once and for all," says Boney.

"Our marriage is for keeps. Sridevi is a lifetime companion. She's my best friend, the best mother my children could have, and the wife who has inspired me to remain absolutely in love with her. All that I have ever wanted in life is sitting right besides me," he says, looking at Sridevi, who blushes prettily and adds, "We share a very good comfort level. The faith, trust and love that we share gives me enormous strength."

What? No complaints whatsoever? Sridevi says, "There's just one complaint, ask him." One doesn't need to prod Boney at all, as he clues in immediately and says, "I don't let anything come between us, but yes, between her and me, there are our children. She'd do anything for them, any time, even ignore me. But I love it all the same."

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