Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sridevi said...

From Sridevi herself;

• A Leo born on August 13, Sri claims normally not to be very leonine. "They’re ferocious, I’m soft. They’re talkative, I’m quiet. But cross my path and I can become a true lion," she warns.

• Standing tall at 5’11 ½, short heroes pose a problem ("Sometimes I have to keep bending," she giggles).

• A school dropout (studied until standard 7), Sridevi says she got to know all about school and college only through her sister’s experiences.

• Sri’s favourite pastime, in fact, is sleeping! Not that she doesn’t adore acting. "I love it. I hate to think that after marriage, I might have to give
up acting. I hope I don’t have to," she demurs.

• Ever since she was young, Sri was a big fan of movies - especially Jeetendra’s films. "I’ve watched Caravan dozens of times", she confides. Even today that last thing she does before going to bed is watch a film.

• Sridevi means ‘Goddess of wealth’. But money doesn’t hold a prominent place in Sri’s life.

[Editor: Even when she was on top, Sri didn’t know she was the highest paid actress in India - her mother did all the finances]

• Asked impromptu, to name three things she likes, Sri says, "Water, flowers and mist." And three things she dislikes? "Heat, sweating and this nasty cold which I can’t seem to shake off." [Sridevi suffers from hay fever, she has a cold most days of the year!]

• The best gift she’s ever received is a huge birthday card from her parents which she received last year. On it was written, ‘You look more beautiful today than you did yesterday and tomorrow you’ll look more beautiful than you do today.’ She says that she has never felt more touched.

• Besides receiving gifts, Sri loves eating. Chicken makes her mouth water each time. "But since I put on weight easily," she wails, "I have to eat boiled vegetables instead of chicken most of the time."

• Luckily, she loses weight just as fast as she puts it on. But she has to cut down on all those ice-creams (pineapple flavour is her fav!) and Black Forest pastries.

• Intent on tapping every talent within her, she’s designed her own clothes for her film Heer Ranjha. Being a period film Sri says, she’ll have to look at old paintings for reference and inspiration.

• Sri says that her favourite room in the house is the bathroom. "I love pottering around. It’s very relaxing."

• For someone who has to catch at least a flight a fortnight, Sri has a unique dread - she’s terrified of flying.

• On flight she says her prayers first. Though not one who believes in rituals (she rarely does pooja), Sri has immense faith in the Almighty.

• God was her crutch even during the traumatic demise of her father. After pack-up, she’d sit in her make-up room with a picture of her father on the dressing table - and keep crying.

• Ever so slightly superstitious, Sri also believes in life after death.

• As of today, Sri is in the happy positing of knowing that all her dreams are fulfilled

• The world is a fan of Sri. Who are her favorites? Michael Jackson."They way he sings, the way he dances!"

• Sri’s most humiliating moment? When a Southie actress told her bluntly: "You’ll never make it." [rumour has it, it was Malayali actress Lakshmi who had that short-sight!]

• Sri admits to one bad habit- "I can’t help sticking my tongue out."

- Article published in Movie's PosterMag in the early 90s.

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