Monday, 21 November 2011

Priya Anand in English Vinglish

"...Speaking enthusiastically with Times of India Priya said, “I heard about Sridevi’s comeback in the papers and as a fan, I was thrilled. I knew they were casting, and was happy when I was approached twice for a role in it. I auditioned for them right after a photoshoot for a magazine, where I incidentally recreated an image of hers from Mr India – in a wet blue sari! I signed this film just to be up and close to an artist who has influenced me and to be part of something that was so important to her. I’m doing this movie as her fan and I’m fortunate enough to play a very important part in her journey in the film.”

She confirms that the film doesn’t feature her in a romantic role but she claims that Sridevi is her one and only love interest as far as this film is concerned. In addition, she also divulged that the film carries an amazing soundtrack!..."


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  1. Cant they just release this film already..? :)