Saturday, 18 February 2012

Lamhe (1991)

Sridevi in Lamhe. For every actor, there is one defining performance, a definitive film that catapults them to icon status. A role so well lived, let alone acted, that it'll forever be whispered about in hushed, halo'd tones. Sridevi, being as incredible an actress as she is, has so many breathtaking performances that its hard to pic 'the' Sridevi film. Be it the heart-breaking Sadma, the box-office smashes Mr. India or Nagina, the double-whammy of Chaalbaaz, or the 'movement', not just movie, that was Chandni, its a smorgasbord of stunning acts on celluloid.

We say, it begins and ends with Lamhe. What a role, what a nuanced performance, what dances... The mature Rajasthani belle Pallavi or the spunky, impish, joie de vivre of Pooja, Sridevi ensured that both characters she portrayed in the same film were as different as can be. Knowing, as we do now years after the film's release, that Sridevi was going through the immense personal pain of losing her beloved father at the time, is ample evidence that to the camera-born, is Sridevi. She can cast aside all her real trauma, for reel joy at the snap of a finger.

Gilded with fine direction, dialogue, co-stars, visuals, songs, Lamhe remains the most beloved box-office flop (- still hard to believe) that remains one of the most awarded and recognised films of all time.

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  1. Lamhe was one movie which can be classified as a perfect combo of ART AND COMMERCIAL cinema.I dont think any other actress would be able to make such impression in such a mature love story.Thats why SRIDEVI is the best-SACHIN SHARMA