Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Back on Screen

Times of India: Was it tough facing the camera after so long?
Not at all. I never felt that there was a gap when I faced the camera after 15 years. My first shot was an introduction to the heroine and it was a simple scene. Luckily, we planned the film’s schedule around my children’s holidays. We shot the first schedule at YRF Studios, and the girls would drop in after school. They would bring their friends to show off too! (Laughs). Balki and Gauri are very sweet and warm people. It’s easy to communicate with them and I felt like I was shooting at home. I have a habit of forgetting to eat when I am shooting. We used to work round the clock as getting permissions in NY is very tough, but Balki made sure that I would eat on time. Working with such people makes work so much easier. I am anxious but not tense about the release.

TOI: What made you decide on English Vinglish as your comeback film?
I never decide or plan things. I would have grabbed English Vinglish if the script had come to me even five or 10 years ago. I didn't plan this as my comeback film. It just happened. R Balki (the director) is very close to my husband Boney, and he came to me with two scripts. I heard and loved both of them. One was written by Balki and the other by his wife Gauri, and it was her script that really touched my heart the most. Any middle-class housewife will be able to identify with my character, and that's why I felt this is the right film for me.

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