Sunday, 24 June 2012

Manish Malhotra's Muses: Sridevi, Kareena Kapoor

As Manish Malhotra has often said, Sridevi remains his firm favourite - which is saying something considering the designer dresses just about all the top leading ladies of B'wood.

From the same collection, Kareena and Sridevi have been seen attending award shows wearing a similar - not the same - sari. A gauzy, shimmering, Swarovsky studded, chiffon sari in beige/nude. Kareena wore her sari earlier this year at Filmfare awards show. And Sridevi wore it at SIIMA award show earlier this week. Point to note, Kareena's 29, Sridevi's 49 - and they are both rocking the MM creation. The sari-connection is lovely as both have styled it similarly and the fashion blogs have been comparing the two. Who do you prefer?

Goes without saying who we prefer! ;o)

Thankfully, there's a mutual admiration society as Kareena herself has said, very, very often that she's a huge Sridevi fan. So no on-line war here.

Meanwhile, see entire archive of Sridevi - Manish Malotra working together here.

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