Saturday, 20 October 2012

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Many websites, blogs and forums have just about universally lauded English Vinglish. Some of our favourite bytes; Grab Ur pack of pop-corn & book tickets for Ur entire family as dis inspiring piece of cinema is a mus-watch for every1
3.5/5 "After watching Sridevi in this film everyone will definitely lament the loss we’ve had in her absence " It is an outstanding, yet a simple story.‘English Vinglish’ is the magnificient comeback of actress Sridevi. "English Vinglish might not make 100 crore but it will definitely win 100 crore fans for both Sridevi and Gauri Shinde"

SIFY - English Vinglish a delectable geographical & emotional journey undertaken with a refreshin absence of bravura and selfcongratulation. rating 4/5 Hardly evr in recent times have I seen so many wond'ful performers in 1 film who dont seem to perform at all

FILMFARE - Go for English Vinglish with your family vamily. You’ll be charmed varmed, rest assured.
rating 4/5, If EV is a charm grenade then Sridevi is the charm, She puts the act back into acting with her resilient performance rating 4.5/5, A perfect film Sridevi's perform'ce alone earns d movie an add'nl 1/2mark U cud watch it over &over again

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