Tuesday, 9 October 2012

with Suhasini Maniratnam

Colleagues, contemporaries, friends. Suhasini (wife of ace director Mani Ratnam) and Sridevi go a long way back. Sridevi did her most  relaxed, informative, reflective interview with her long-time friend Suhasini, for a TV show. Their chat, entirely in Tamil, was lovely and a visibly more collected and comfortable Sridevi spoke freely as never before.

As Suhasini said, "Sri, you left the Tamil industry as a princess and have come back as a Queen."

Many have wondered why Mani Ratnam and Sridevi have never worked together - and as fans, the collaborative work between the great director and the actress would be a dream come true. But... as Mani Ratnam said in an interview (think it was with Filmfare), he was not a fan of Sri's work in Hindi films, she had done greater work in Tamil cinema. Hmm. Hope he sees English Vinglish (which is truly brilliant) and reconsiders. 

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