Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Adil Hussain, a fan since Sadma

Sridevi's ENGLISH VINGLISH co-star Adil went into depression after watching SADMA

After the commercial and critical success of ENGLISH VINGLISH, the film is now conquering the festival circuits. With glowing tributes at the Toronto International Film Festival, ENGLISH VINGLISH saw a standing ovation at the Marrakech Film Festival. The film is now ready to make its satellite debut.

When we talk of ENGLISH VINGLISH one just cannot ignore the resounding comeback of former numero-uno actress, Sridevi, and her superb acting in the film. And who better than her co-star in ENGLISH VINGLISH, Adil Hussain, to disclose the 'Sridevi experience'.

We started our conversation by asking the highly talented NSD faculty and actor Adil Hussain whether he was a Sridevi fan as well. Without batting an eyelid Adil replied in the affirmative and disclosed, ''You know, I became her fan after watching SADMA. In fact, I must confess I went into depression for a few days after watching the film.''

Prodding him further we queried as to what was Sridevi's reaction when he said the same thing to her, and he replied, ''I will tell you the exact thing. We sat down informally at a dinner table, and I told her about SADMA performance and impact and I could see that she was very touched.''

Well, complements from renowned theater and cinema personalities like Adil Hussain only consolidates Sridevi's iconic stature.

December 26, 2012 11:53:56 AM IST

By Abid, Glamsham Editorial

From Mid Day
Q: How was it working with actresses like Sridevi and Tabu?
Adil Hussain: I was lucky and I believe anybody would feel the same in my place. This may sound clichéd but I learned a lot from them. You’re on the sets with Sridevi who has like 200-plus films under her belt and I’m there with only around 12 feature films so far. And then there’s Tabu whom you observe and admire for the way she maintains herself in front of the camera before and after she hears the word ‘action’. Both of them just effortlessly switch from real to reel.

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