Thursday, 14 February 2013

Why has Sridevi been sidelined at awards?

Though acclaimed for her comeback film 'English Vinglish', the star has not managed to win a single award

When Kareena Kapoor Khan was asked at a recent awards event who deserved the Best Actress trophy, Bebo had replied Sridevi. Both she and her elder sister Karisma have always been huge fans of Sri.

But Sridevi has so far not bagged a single honour at the various awards events this season even though her heartwarming performance in her comeback vehicle English Vinglish fetched her accolades. Labelled as the first female superstar of Indian cinema, Sri seems to have lost out in B-Town’s awards scramble.

So far Vidya Balan has emerged the clear winner at most awards events with her pregnant Kahaani act. Priyanka Chopra managed to grab one trophy at an awards event she hosted with Shah Rukh Khan.

Says a source, “When her film released, the general perception was that Sridevi would be carrying home the best actress trophies. Considering that the comebacks of Karisma (Dangerous Ishhq) and Madhuri Dixit (Aaja Nach Le) were disasters, Sri stole the show choosing the right project for her return. But with several of the awards galas over, Sridevi has been returning empty-handed. Though the star did manage to garner nominations, she did not make it to the winners list.”

Adds the source, “It appears that Sridevi has fallen a victim to the machinations of the awards event. In the industry everyone knows how these awards are given. There are those who are favoured and some who are definitely not. A lot of conditions apply to make it to the coveted winners’ list. There is also the question of who performs and who hosts the show who need to be favoured.”

Sources also state that director Gauri Shinde too is upset that Sridevi’s stellar performance in her film did not find favour with any of the awards folk.

With Sri always believing that her acting will do the talking, she seems to have lost out in this race for now. Perhaps apart from her comeback, she also needs to know the present hows and whys of being a B-Town actress.

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February 14, 2013
Shaheen Parkar


  1. Sridevi deserved the best actress award for sure this year. I have no idea what happened ,but it felt wrong. As an admirer of the Indian cinema I have watched almost all of the movies which were nominated and I honestly don't think there was a better performance than Sridevi's.

    PS: I love this blog. Thanks to the people staying behind the idea! Keep the good work.

  2. With the love of fans and success at the box office
    No need to unfair Awards.

  3. she is a wiinner in the hearts of the audience.hardly matters if she did not carry a trpy home.she will always be the queen of bollywood.a diva!