Friday, 7 June 2013

From Bags to Riches

Sridevi's face as a print? We've seen plenty of designer bags, why not Diva bags?! With her kind permission of course. The works of 'item number', the Mumbai based brand, has been familiar to us for a while and we were bemused by its tongue-in-chic ode to Bollywood, seamed into their wide collection of daily products and accessories.

The snap of Sridevi from Chaalbaaz... lets say 're-imagined'... by the company raised our eyebrows. More so, when we saw the print worn by the talented (yet often stylistically challenged) Vidya Balan. We wouldn't normally plug this but as Sridevi herself has items from this shop - we now want this T/cup/pillowcase too!

Get the kaleidoscopic, kitschy kool stuff from 'item number' at

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